IK Multimedia Syntronik 2, more multi-sampled vintage Synthesizer rarities with more flexibility

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The IK Multimedia vintage Synthesizer round trip continues in Syntronik 2 with more multi-sampled vintage synth rarities, deeper engine, more sounds, and more.

Four years ago, wow how fast the time flies, I published a detailed review of the IK Multimedia Syntronik. It’s a massive collection of Synthesizer plugins that are based on vintage synths. Unlike Arturia or other companies, IK Multimedia combines multi-samples of these vintage rarities with analog-modeling technologies to craft these virtual instruments.

The goal is not to be the best emulation but to give the user ready-to-use and editable sounds of these legendary instruments for their DAW. Thus it’s more a collection for the players, less for the sound designers. This week IK presented Syntronik 2, the successor with a major interface overhaul, more features and many new instruments.

IK Multimedia Syntronik 2 libraries

IK Multimedia Syntronik 2

Syntronik 2 offers 33 synths in total, available in 4 different versions or as individual instruments. There are over 5500 presets available in the MAX version giving musicians a massive amount of vintage and modern synth sounds. The library includes the legacy presets from the original versions as well.

For the new Syntronik 2, IK Multimedia captured in detail 11 new vintage synthesizers from the past including:

  • Octave Cat SRM, Yamaha GS1, Korg DW-8000, Waldorf Microwave,
  • Oberheim Matrix 12, Oberheim OB-1,
  • OSCar, Sequential Circuits Prophet VS, Moog Source
  • Digital Keyboards Synergy ii+, Korg Trident

As in the first version, the multi-samples are embedded in a newly designed user interface. The instruments also load into IK’s sampling plugin flagship SampleTank 4. Thus, you can also combine them with orchestral or other sounds giving you deeper sound design options. Talking about sound design and user interface.

IK Multimedia Syntronik 2

Expanded User Interface

The plugin is not a monster synth with tons of parameters. More one with a good number with which you can quickly achieve results. In v2, many features has been added here, which I had also missed in v1. First the user interface got a makeover. It looks simpler and more organized than v1, I like it. On the other hand, a lot has been done on the engine.

Syntronik 2 allows you now to layer up to 4 synths. Thanks to advanced splitting options, detailed filtering of sustain, pitch-bend, mod-wheel, and aftertouch per part, you can create very complex and versatile instruments. Also new is the edit panel that introduces many new features as well.

In the new wave set browser, you can now choose the sound for each of the 4 oscillators and 2 sub-oscillators per preset. Then, there is also per-oscillator drift controls, extended envelopes, LFOs, and a programmable modulation matrix. A welcomed level up for the engine. With the filter section, everything has probably stayed the same.

Rhythmical & Effects Boost

In the player panel, you now get a new step sequencer alongside the arpeggiator perfect for flexible and expressive rhythmic textures. The new Syntronik 2 engine also got a massive effect boost with 33 new algorithms making a total of 71. The multi-effect processor includes algorithms from T-RackS 5, MixBox, AmpliTube 5, and other products.

An advanced browser offers fast and convenient navigation of Syntronik 2’s vast library of presets to let users find the right sounds in an instant. You can now browse by instrument or single sounds. Searches can be refined using keywords and sorted by category, character and type. Users can also rate favorite sounds to find them in a flash. Plus, the new library supports disk streaming that let you load presets faster.


A solid continuation of the Syntronik range. It’s good to see that the critics have been taken into account and that the engine has been significantly lifted up.

IK Multimedia Syntronik 2 is available now in three different version, each with a special introduction price.

  • Syntronik 2 SE $/€99.99 (ex VAT) with 11 synths, 1000 presets, and 13GB of sounds
  • S2 ($/€199.99) (ex VAT) with  22 synths, 4000+ presets, and 80GB of sounds
  • S 2 MAX ($/€299.99) (ex VAT) with all 33 synths, over 5500 presets, and 210GB of sounds.

Individual libraries are available for $/€49.99 (ex VAT) and useable in the Syntronik CS plugin. For a limited time, purchasers of Total Studio 3.5 MAX or Total VI MAX will receive Syntronik 2 for FREE. And don’t forget to check out your IK user account for special crossgrade and upgrade prices.

More information here: IK Multimedia 

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