Soundtronics M²Synth, modern take on the 5U modular Synthesizer, now on Kickstarter

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Soundtronics has launched the Kickstarter campaign for its M²Synth, a new 5U modular Synthesizer that combines vintage sound characteristics with modern design.

One can explore modular synthesis in various forms in hardware. In 1U, 3U so Eurorack, or 5U what we know from monster synths like the Moog Modular. The latter form has also historically been the largest, although Eurorack is the big topic today. 5U is also always associated with large and expensive. That’s right, a 5U modular synth can quickly cost a s much as a small car.

A new Kickstarter campaign by the British company Soundtronics shows that the whole thing can also be made more affordable and more compact. Affordable in relation to 5U. The M²Synth is a full-size 5U Modular analog synths that brings to life the electronic sounds of the ’70s & ’80s but with a fresh take.

Soundtronics M2Synth

Soundtronics M2Synth

The beginning of every modular Synthesizer, whether 5U or Eurorack, is the case. And here you can already see the modern approach. A M²Synth system does not consist of a huge case, but of individual 10U wide expansion pods that can simply be put together thanks to the Pod Coupler concept.

The base is a pod with a sloping front on which other pods can be stacked. Each pod enclosure is made of brushed stainless steel and aluminium end cheeks. It is securely attached to one another with 4 stainless steel crews to form a rigid complete cabinet.

Every M²Synth Pod has a dedicated linear power supply and internal power distribution with plug-in connectors to make swapping modules simple. Compared to classic 5U systems, a very modern case concept. Definitely much more practical to move and transport. Modules are still missing in our case and Soundtronics also offer them right away.

Soundtronics M2Synth modules

M²Synth Modules

At launch, Soundtronics will offer 25 different modules in the M²Synth range. I really like the front panels and designs. They are slimmer than classic 5U modules, but do not lose the hands-on character that this format has. So you get more module in a row.

There will be core modules that provide the basic foundation of every system. Including oscillators, filters, envelopes, and more all based around the CEM chips. In addition, there will be deeper modules like a sequencer, a chord VCO, and others. According to the developer, there are many other modules under development. And important: since the modules follow the 5U format, they are not only compatible with the M²Synth system but with any other 5U Synthesizer.

One of the more unique module is, for example, the M²Synth 112 State Variable Filter (SVF) featuring 4 individually controllable filters. Patchable in series or parallel giving users a lot of filtering options. Then there is the super useful Chord VCO 102 that contains four VCOs in one module that are internally tuned to create rich musical chords.

A sequencer module cannot be missing and Soundtronics has covered this with the sequencer 192. It’s a very compact sequencer with up to 48 notes long sequences and cascading options.

M2Synth System 80

The modules will also be available to purchase individually. Thus the Kickstarter campaign is on to give people the opportunity to buy a ready-to-use complete system. From small to very large. It starts with the System 10 with 9 modules up to 55 modules in the System 80.


M²Synth is a classic modular analog Synthesizer. It is obvious. I really like the idea of the developers of giving the 5U system a modern, sleek touch. The fun is definitely not cheap, but it is significant cheaper than other 5U modular synths like the Moog Modular, Synth Werk etc.

Soundtronics M²Synth is available for pre-order on Kickstarter. It starts at £1025 (+/- 1220€) for the System 10 and ends with the System 80 for £6595 (+/- 7846€) + shipping + taxes. Shipping starts in March 2022.

More information here: Kickstarter

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