Superbooth 21: Jomox Mod FM, 8-voice poly FM synth voice with analog filters, first look

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Superbooth 21: Jomox Mod FM is an 8-voice poly FM Synthesizer voice for Eurorack with analog SSI filters and hands-on control, first look.

The easiest way to enter the Eurorack world are semi-modular synths or complete Eurorack voices. Here you usually have everything you need in one module. From oscillators, filters, envelopes, etc., all in one.

Jürgen Michaelis aka Jomox, the Berlin-based developer of the Alpha base and many other products, was also at Superbooth 21. He brought two new products to his booth. The first is a new hybrid synth voice for Eurorack.

Jomox Mod FM

Jomox Mod FM

Mod FM is a hybrid synth voice that offers a digital oscillator side an analog side with 8 SSI filters. The digital core uses a 4-operator FM synthesis engine. All parameters we know from FM synthesis like frequency, feedback… are onboard. And many of them have dedicated knobs. Each operator also has its own digital envelope. To simplify programing, the developer will add algorithms to the engine.

The engine is also equipped with dozens of LFOs that can also operate as single VCOs. Thus, you can have for each of the 4-operator two additional VCOs with multiple waveforms. This gives you up to 6 oscillators per voice. For the modulation, there is an internal matrix where you can map the parameters to the modulators.

The modules have 8 individual outputs for the voices with a handy mixer for splitting off voices if you wish. On the input side, you have 4 dynamic FM CV inputs with audio-rate capabilities, 4 CV ins for the FM amounts, and 4 others for controlling each operator’s pitch envelope. Don’t forget, the Mod FM has 8 analog SSI filters onboard with which you can add character and saturation to your digital sounds.

Jomox Mod FM First Look

Jürgen gave me a first look. The module is very complex, and FM synthesis is certainly not super hands-on. The module does not want to be a DX-7 in Eurorack but tries to be a bit simpler and easier to use FM synthesis.

The idea of combining FM synthesis with analog filters is very tempting. How good the module will be, we have to see when it is on the market. For me, it’s more interesting to see how well and smoothly the operation will be.

Jomox Mod FX will arrive in mid 2022 for an estimated price of 800/900€.

More information here: Jomox 

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