Rob Papen LowSane, new multi-fx plugin for the lo-fi sound generation

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Rob Papen has published LowSane, a new multi-fx plugin that takes you deep into creative sound degradation. 

We live in a music world with tools that allow anyone to produce high-quality music, even with a small budget. Things used to be different. The recordings still had a lot of dirt in the past.  The desire for clean recordings used to be great. That has changed in the last 2 years.

Musicians want to have character and that dirt back again in recordings. This was followed by many new plugins that degrade sounds, add noise, etc.  Since this week, Dutch producer and plugin developer Rob Papen also has a new multi-fx that can do that.

Rob Papen LowSane

Rob Papen LowSane

LowSane is a new multi-fx processor that brings character and life to the clean, modern sound. It consists of a distortion, bandpass/notch filter module, a lo-fi processor with sample & bit reduction, another filter with a highpass/lowpass filter, and a noise gate. So, a lot of filtering is coupled with distortion.

Each FX is located in a module with its distinct parameters, giving you a straightforward operation. For example, the bandpass/notch features frequency and resonance (Q) controls, type selection (12dB and 24dB), plus stereo separation, mix, and boost controls.

Besides this, you can get global parameters like volume control, dry/wet control with a full wet button, and a handy edit/original compare function. The latter allows you to compare your own patch with the original factory patch where you started.

You can dive deeper with two additional functions. First, with the disrupt sphere. It allows you to control up to eight parameters of LowSane with a single sweep from left to right. It is very useful for creating movements for tracks to build tension. Especially because you use the lazy mode to automate the slider in different directions.

LowSane also has built-in modulation. Not much, but an audio follower is onboard with various inputs and destinations available, including the mighty disrupt sphere. There is also a smoothing control for creating very smooth modulations.

Rob Papen ships the plugin with a good amount of ready-to-use factory presets.

First Impression

A very clearly designed plugin with a good selection of effects. It’s nice that it’s not overloaded with features but rather focused on a straightforward operation.

Rob Papen LowSane is available now for $25/25€ and runs as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (Intel + native Apple Silicon) and Windows. It is also included as part of the eXplorer-8 bundle at no extra cost.

More information here: Rob Papen

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