Happy Nerding FX Aid XL Adds More Modulation Options & More Space To Play

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FX Aid XL is an expanded version of Happy Nerding’s best-selling, multi-effects Eurorack module in 6HP with more modulation options & space to play. 

With the FX Aid, Igor from Happy Nerding landed an absolute best-seller module. A stereo multi-effects processor with only 4HP with 32 exciting effects that all sound very good. The commendable thing about the FX Aid module, however, is its constant growth rate. It didn’t stop with the 32 effects. Igor has developed since the initial release, numerous new effects that can be exchanged very quickly. All of this for just 199€ is a very nice package that is affordable for every Eurorack user.

Happy Nerdig is now showing the FX Aid XL which is a 6HP version of the FX Aid module. According to the developer, this expanded version has the same DSP power but has some different feature that makes it extra large.

Happy Nerding FX Aid XL

More Connectivity & Improved Workflow

The FX Aid XL adds separate modulation inputs or all three effect parameters labeled (1,2,3) plus a new sample rate reducer (SRR) input. This means you can now modulate up to 3 parameters of the XL version. For comparison in the small 4HP version, only one parameter can be modulated, but this can be freely assigned. Reflashing the module (exchange of algorithms) can be done via the new SRR input.

There is also more space around the knobs which is a bit fiddly in the first version, especially for people with think fingers aka sausage fingers.

New Radio Effect

Before this new module, Igor has updated the editor with a new algorithm called Radio effect. It transforms the incoming and generates radio-like noise textures. It offers tune, noise, and tone parameters to manipulate the noise textures. An example that shows that the FX Aid it is more than a simple effect processor.

I am pleased to see that the FX Aid is now also available in XL. The question I ask, however, is why not immediately in this format? It would certainly have been an immediate success.

Happy Nerding FX Aid XL is available now for a price of 250 USD or 199€ + VAT.

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