Robaux LL8, A New 8-Track TR-Style Trigger Sequencer For Eurorack

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Robaux LL8 is a new 8-track TR-style trigger sequencer for Eurorack with mute, fill and pattern chaining function for creative rhythms.

Programming individual steps into a sequencer can be a tricky business in the Eurorack world. Before finishing a sequence, you went often through numerous menu points. With its LL8, Robaux has presented a 10HP trigger sequencer that is performance-optimized and requires only a few steps to achieve goals.

The LL8 is described as the sweet little brother of the beloved SWT 16 /SWT 16+ sequencer. It has 16 patterns with up to 16 steps that can be programmed with your fingertips like on a classic Roland TR drum machine. With the mute and fill function, you can turn patterns into versatile performances. Longer rhythms are possible via the built-in pattern chaining function.

Robaux LL8

Connectivity & MIDI Out Expander

On the interface side, it includes a clock input, 8 trigger outputs, and 20 tact switches with which you can activate/deactivate steps. With the additional MIDI Out expander module, each track of the sequencer can output an individual MIDI note to one of 16 MIDI channels. So you can use it also with classic drum machines or samplers.

You do not necessarily need the MIDI Expander Kit to use the MIDI functions in your sequencer. You can easily make the adapter yourself and adapt it to your own needs. Check for this the schematic.

Robaux LL8 is available now for 117€.

More information here: Robaux

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