Best Halloween Music Tech Deals 2021: hardware, plugins, Kontakt libraries & more

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It’s Halloween weekend and it’s also the deals time where you can save big on music tech gear including hardware, plugins, Kontakt libraries…

October is almost over. Lots of interesting new hardware products, plugins were shown this month. October is also the start of the annual music tech deal season. Before the big Black Friday event comes, Halloween is just around the corner. Here the creepy characters bring us the first very good deals in hardware, plugins, etc.

Not all companies take this opportunity to lower their prices, but the number is increasing every year.

halloween music tech deals 2021

To make your search a little easier, I’ve summarized for you the best Music Tech Deals for Halloween in a big list. This will grow by more deals until Halloween evening.

For friends of hardware synthesizers or Eurorack modules, there are some good deals available on Perfect Circuit, which is offering up to 40%. More of an in-the-box producer and like to work with plugins or Kontakt libraries. You are well tempted here. Plugin Boutique, ADSR Sounds, and others are already in early Black Friday mode with great deals.

And don’t forget, every purchase at Plugin Boutique and ADSR will be rewarded with a free plugin on top until the end of the month. On PB with Heavyocity Punish Lite, and on ADSR with ujam Beatmaker Hustle 2.

The links to the deals contain partner links with whom you could support my daily activity on the websites (, and on YouTube at no extra cost. This guarantees free writing, critical reviews, etc. Big thanks in advance and hope you will enjoy Halloween 2021.

Product DiscountH/S/SoundwarePlugins, Kontakt...Synths, Effects...ShopEnds
Glitchmachines Quadrant & Cataract Sale 82% OFF (Up To)SoftwarePluginsSampler, Synthesizer, EffectsPlugin Boutique09/01/2021
E-Instruments Collection67% OFFSoundwareKontakt LibrariesNative Instruments10/11/2021
E-Instruments titles50% OFF (Up To)SoundwareKontakt LibrariesNative Instruments10/11/2021
Audiomodern Chordjam Halloween Sale20% OFFSoftwarePluginsUtilityPlugin Boutique11/11/2021
Harrison Consoles AVA Spectral Compressor78% OFFSoftwarePluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique11/11/2021
Leapwing Audio RootOne25% OFFSoftwarePluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique11/11/2021
Mastering The Mix Animate30% OFFSoftwarePluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique11/11/2021
Acon Digital Halloween Sale25% OFFSoftwarePluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique11/11/2021
Hexachords Orb Synth Sale89% OFFSoftwarePluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique03/01/2022
Endlesss Studio Sale50% OFFSoftwareDAW-Plugin Boutique03/01/2022
Glitchmachines Palindrome, Cryogen & Impact Bundle87% OFF (Up To)SoftwarePluginsSynthesizers, sampler, effectsPlugin Boutique09/01/2022
Producertech Bass Music Sound Design with Iris 2 80% OFFSoundwareTutorials-Plugin Boutique09/01/2022
Glitchmachines Impact Sound Bundle Sale85% OFFSoundwareSamples-Plugin Boutique09/01/2022
W.A Production Preset Pack Sale68% OFF (Up To)SoundwarePreset Libraries-Plugin Boutique09/03/2022
Kiive Audio Intro Sale64% OFF (Up To)SoftwarePluginsEffects, Mixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique14/11/2021
Iceberg Audio The Sub + Beatgrader free50% OFFSoftwarePluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique14/11/2021
Creative Intent Tantrum & Remnant Sale 30% OFFSoftwarePluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique14/11/2021
Expressive E Imagine40% OFFSoftwarePluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique18/11/2021
AAS Strum GS-251% OFF (Up To)SoftwarePluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique19/11/2021
Blue Cat Audio Mix & Master Sale40% OFF (Up To)SoftwarePluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique19/11/2021
Audified AmpLion 2 Rock Essentials Sale50% OFFSoftwarePluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique19/11/2021
Soundiron Steel Tones Flash Sale25% OFFSoundwareKontakt Libraries-Plugin Boutique30/10/2021
Native Instruments KOMPLETE Classics Collection Sale80% OFFSoftwarePluginsSynthesizers, effectsPlugin Boutique30/11/2021
SoundSpot Union Bundle Sale94% OFFSoftwarePluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique30/11/2021
MAGIX Intro Sale40% OFF (Up To)SoftwareDAW, PluginsDAW, effectsPlugin Boutique30/11/2021
Soundspot Black Friday Sale96% OFF (Up To)SoftwarePluginsEffects, Mixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique30/11/2021
SoundSpot Vocal Processing Bundle Sale98% OFFSoftwarePluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique30/11/2021
SoundSpot Bestsellers Bundle Sale97% OFFSoftwarePluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique30/11/2021
Audionamix Black Friday Sale35% OFFSoftwarePluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique30/11/2021
SoundSpot Creative 5 for 5 Bundle99% OFFSoftwarePluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique30/11/2021
Future Audio Workshop SubLab Sale43% OFFSoftwarePluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique30/11/2021
BeatSkillz Virtual Instruments Sale86% OFF (Up To)SoftwarePluginsVirtual InstrumentsPlugin Boutique31/12/2021

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