Happy Nerding adds stereo wow & flutter effect “Generation Lost” to the FX Aid

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Happy Nerding’s newest FX Aid/FX Aid XL algorithm Generation Lost is a new stereo wow & flutter that adds lo-Fi character to your tracks.

Every Eurorack player has modules that are its favorites. An oscillator, a sampler, filter, sequencer … everyone has modules that inspire them over and over again. One of my all-time favorites is the small but super versatile FX Aid module from Happy Nerding. You can only work with a single effect, but it has tons of great algorithms with which you can try new ideas over and over again.

I am very happy to hear that Igor has once again added a new effect to the FX Aid / FX Aid X module. This time you can dive into the world of lo-fi timbres.

FX Aid generation lost

FX Aid Generation Lost

Generation Lost, what a catchy name for a new effect. Behind this is hiding a new wow & flutter-style stereo effect for the shaper section. It has two main parameters. “Wear” works as a sample reducer while “Wow” receives slow random modulation. This can be adjusted manually or via the CV input.

The effect gives every track or sound the character as if it were recorded on tape. Nice crunchy, unstable in pitch and lo-fi.

Another very exciting algorithm for the module. I hope that at some point we will see the big brother of the FX Aid XL where you can use more than one effect at the same time. There are so many beautiful algorithms that I would like to use at the same time.

The new Generation Lost algorithm for the Happy Nerding FX Aid/FX Aid XL is available for free from the free web editor. The standard version costs 170€+ VAT and the XL 199€ + VAT.

More information here: Happy Nerding

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