AI Synthesis Intros AI007 Quad VCA Mixer, A Module Made For Creative Mixing

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AI Synthesis AI007 is a new super useful and affordable 4-channel 12HP Eurorack VCA mixer for audio & control voltages (CV) 

There is no artificial intelligence hidden in the AI Synthesis module range or other highly innovative technology. No, they can score points for their excellent price/producer relation. Also, their latest module the AI007 is super useful and doesn’t cost you a fortune. AI007 is a quad VCA mixer module with 12HP for the Eurorack format with which you can mix audio and control voltage (CV).

On one side, each of the four inputs are DC coupled, allowing the amplitude of CV signals as well as audio rate signals to be voltage controlled. On the other side, the outputs are normalled together into a mixer, allowing the AI007 Eurorack Quad VCA Mixer to be used as a voltage controlled mixer. This could be handy if you loke to create some interesting modulations or attenuating other modulators (LFO, envelopes…)

AI Synthesis AI007

If you patch a cable into the VCA output, this output will be from the mixer signal. This allows you to use each channel independently and gives you for VCAs in total. Plus, a dedicated knob shapes the curve responses from linear to exponential. Each channel offers also a bi-color LED indicator that shows green for positive, red for negative and nothing for zero voltage. That’s a very handy additional feature.

At first look, a very useful VCA with some clever additions.

AI Synthesis AI007 is available now in three configurations: full kit, PCB/panel as well as fully built. The kit includes a full building instruction that guides you through the different soldering steps. But be careful, it’s not a beginner built but one that requires higher knowledge in soldering. The PCB costs $15, full kit $109 and build version $189.

More information here: AI Synthesis

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