Superbooth 21: Modor Music DR-2 drum Synthesizer first look

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Superbooth 21: Modor Music DR-2 is a 6-channel digital drum Synthesizer/drum machine powered by 15 drum algorithms and a creative sequencer, first look. 

In Berlin at the Superbooth, not only the developers presented their brand-new products, but also those that have been on the market for a long time. Last year a new drum synthesizer was unveiled that many may not have on their radar yet. It’s the DR-2, the new drum machine/drum synthesizer from Modor Music, the developer of the NF-1 synth. This is largely due to the fact that there were no trade shows last year and there were few opportunities to test the product.

At Superbooth 21 there was finally the opportunity to put the hands on the product, play it, and chat with the Belgian developers.

Modor Music DR-2

I wrote a full news article about the DR-2 back in November 2020. I’ll just give you a few highlights here

Modor Music DR-2

The DR-2 is a 6-channel digital drum Synthesizer with an integrated 128-step sequencer. Each channel has newly developed algorithms that can produce vintage but also modern drum/percussion sounds. There are a total of 15 algorithms, more will be added in the future, according to the official website.

Each program comes with a good amount of parameters (X, Y, Z, T) to tweak the sound. No samples, no sample import… there is even no sample memory on the device, everything is based on pure digital drum synthesis.

Sounds can be triggered manually with the A-F buttons on the interface or with the built-in drum sequencer. The visualization of this is very clever and practical. Instead of the classic 16 step lights, Modor Music has expanded them to 32. So you have direct feedback on the steps from 17-32 as well. The sequencer is also nifty and offers numerous creative features including swing, accents per instrument, flams, tuplets, breaks, reverses, and more. Plus you get a pattern and song mode.

On the connection side, you have individual outputs for each voice, mono/stereo output, headphones, clock in/out as well as a full MIDI interface.

Superbooth 21 Modor Music DR-2 First Look

I had the opportunity to touch the DR-2 at Superbooth 21. At first look a very interesting drum Synthesizer with a great sound. I especially like the fact that you get pure drum synthesis and a lot of hands-on control without deep menu diving.

Modor Music DR-2 is available now worldwide for 1799€/$2099 USD.

More information here: Modor Music 

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  1. Hi Synth Anatomy, thanks for the review and video!
    A little remark: the 32 leds are not to show steps 17-32. The sequencer is a 32nd note sequencer, it has twice the resolution of the more common 16th note sequencer.
    The little 32nd notes ‘in between’ the 16th notes are accessed by keeping the 16/32 button pressed.


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