Superbooth 21: new DROID system expanders, M4 motorized faders & P10 controller

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Superbooth 21: Der Mann mit der Maschine intros new expanders for the Droid system: fascinating motorized faders (M4) and P10 controller with 10 knobs

Multi-function modules are popular in the Eurorack world because they squeeze many functions into one module. Using such a module can save a lot of space in the rack. For example, the Disting series from Expert Sleepers or the DROID system from Matthias Kettner are best sellers in the category. The latter offers 8 fully customizable CV inputs and outputs.

The concept of the DROID compared to the Disting is very different. Yes, they share the function density, but the DROID only focuses only on CV functions with high precision. The setup is very clever and future-proof. You can program it with a simple text file that is located on a micro SD card. Thus, it doesn’t require any special editor.

Droid System

DROID System & Expanders

There is a huge number of available CV functions. From LFOs, envelopes, melody & trigger sequencer, random generator, bernoulli gate, slew limiter, precision adder, CV looper, Euclidean rhythms generator… The amount of simultaneously activated functions is limited to the available jacks.

However, you can squeeze multiple functions in a single program. For example, you can have multiple LFOs that modulate each other but only outputs on a single socket. The activated functions can be operated with the expander modules. They either have knobs, buttons, or a combination of both. And soon also motorized faders. The configuration is also done via the text editor.

Der Mann mit der Maschine was on the Superbooth 21 with his mighty DROID system. He introduced two very exciting expanders. One is even one of my highlights of this Superbooth.

Der Mann mit der Maschine Motorized Faders

P10 Controller

Let’s start with the little news, the P10 controller. It’s a new expander for the DROID master module that provides you with 10 additional potentiometers (knobs). Two big and 8 smaller ones. Once on the master, the pots can be freely configured. A pot can have either one or multiple functions. For example, the P10 is very suitable as a sequencer controller. A little but very handy expander for the system.


The big star of the Superbooth 21 was the M4 expander with four motorized faders. Yes, you read it right. Motorized faders have finally arrived in Eurorack synthesizers. Like the other expanders, these can be freely configured. Then, each M4 fader has an internal artificial notch that gives you feedback. So you can feel the steps of the scale which is amazing. Something I’ve never seen before.

Matthias Kettner demonstrated this on the Superbooth with a sequencer program. In this case, the fader controlled the parameters of the sequencer such as the pitch, gate, velocity… Switching between parameters and the recall functionality was made in combination with the P2B8 expander. Plus, the M4 also offers a chaining option. Thus, it’s possible to create an entire case with fully programmable motorized faders. That would be an epic setup.

Check out my first look video with the one and only “Der Mann mit der Maschine” for the full details.

A very exciting way the developer is going here. Motorized faders are always magical, but now in Eurorack they give you a completely new level of control. Definitely, one of my Superbooth 21 highlights and I’m very looking forward to seeing it in action.

Der Mann mit der Maschine P10 controller is available now for 118€ incl. tax. The M4 motorized faders release is still TBA and the price will range between 400-500€. The DROID master is out now for 398€

More information here: Der Mann mit der Maschine 

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  1. I’ve been eyeing up the Droid ecosystem for a few months now and it looks phenomenal. Saw your video the other day and couldn’t believe the functionality of the faders. Truly inspiring.

    Also, loved the guy who wandered into the shot towards the end 🙂 Hope he’s still in there in the version above.

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