Leak: Arturia is working on the SQ 80 V plugin, an Ensoniq SQ-80 emulation

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Leak: Twitch streamer “muckybeats”  leaked the new Arturia SQ 80 V plugin, a new emulation of the Ensoniq SQ-80 hybrid Synthesizer coming in October.

There are often leaks about hardware synthesizers. The next one comes from the software area. I can’t say whether it was intentional or a mistake by the tester.

According to the Twitch streamer “muckybeats“, Arturia is working on a plugin emulation of the unique Ensoniq SQ-80 Synthesizer from 1988. And the streamer is already using a beta version of the plugin. The question for me: “did he not have a signed NDA?

SQ 80 V

Arturia SQ 80 V

As the name SQ 80 V suggests, it will be an emulation of the Ensoniq SQ-80 Synthesizer. The original unit was an 8-voice hybrid Synthesizer with three digital oscillators with 75 waveforms, 4-pole analog filter per voice with sweepable resonance, four envelopes, three LFOs per voice, 8-track sequencer, and more. The original had a pretty unique timbre as it combines digital synthesis of the 80s with classic analog filtering.

Arturia probably emulates all this in this leaked plugin. They are probably modeling the original engine here and but expand it with new features. As we know it from the virtual instruments from Arturia. Probably, we can draw our own waveforms in an editor, more filter options than the 4-pole, onboard effects, and more.

SQ-80 V leak

At a first mini glance, it looks like a nice addition for the next V Collection bundle. It’s great to see that we finally get an Ensoniq emulation. According to the Twitch streamer muckybeats, who made the SQ 80 V leak, the plugin will be released in October. So let see.

Source: Twitch stream

More information will follow here: Arturia 


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