Tracktion Collective, Sampler/Synthesizer Workstation Is Now Available As A Plugin

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Tracktion releases its powerful sampler/synthesizer workstation Collective from the Waveform chains and publishes it as a plugin for every DAW.

Musicians from 2020 are spoiled for choice when it comes to DAW. From free, affordable to expensive. Everything is there. Tracktion’s Waveform DAW is one of the less popular DAWs, but in my opinion, offers a lot for relatively little money. The Pro version, for example, comes with some powerful virtual instruments that were developed by ex-Waldorf developer Wolfram Franke.

One of these is Collective, a sophisticated sampler/Synthesizer. The nice thing is that this instrument, which was previously an exclusive title for Waveform, is now also available as a plugin for any other DAW. I’m happy because it brings a new, affordable sampler plugin to the market. The TAL-Sampler has been number 1 so far.

Tracktion Collective


Tracktion Collective is a virtual instrument that can be used as a Synthesizer, sampler, or hybrid. Each voice (unison up to 16 voice) features 4 oscillators of synthesis or sampled source with sync and ring modulation options. These can be mixed together. It includes a sample library with over 600 real-world and electronica instruments created by Klaus Peter Rausch (Korg, Yamaha, Alesis…) for the sample oscillator. Of course, you can also load your own samples and build your own instruments. On the pure synth side, it offers virtual analog but also 4 operator FM synthesis.

Collective allows you to layer sounds as much as you like and with up to 256 notes of polyphony. So you can have for example a patch with one or more voices for FM keys, big pads using the virtual analog engine, and a few others with sample-based instruments. Further, there are 2 filters connected in series including FM and a distortion stage. On the modulation side, 4 LFOs and envelopes are onboard and dedicated macro controls that give you enough room for sound design. This is rounded off with a wide range of bread and butter effects (distortion, delay, reverb…)

The interface looks nice, clear, not overloaded with knobs like other samplers.

Tracktion Collective is available now for $60 USD or buys it in a bundle with other additional content. The plugin works in Windows & Mac hosts in VST2/AU/AAX format, no VST3 support so far.

More information here: Tracktion

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