Superbooth 21: five new Doepfer modules (frequency shifter…) & Eurorack keyboard case

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At Superbooth 21, Doepfer is presenting five new modules including a new frequency shifter (A-126-2), as well as a case with a keyboard.

Dieter Doepfer, the father of the Eurorack format, should not be missing on Andreas Schneiders’s Superbooth 21 Synthesizer event.

And, of course, Doepfer does not come to the trade fair with an empty modular case. These are packed with classics, with releases from recent years, and with all-new modules for SB 21. A product is something special. I’m curious what you will think of it.

Superbooth 21 Doepfer A-126-2

Superbooth 21 Doepfer A-126-2: Frequency Shifter

The analog frequency shifter A-126 gets for Superbooth 21 a second generation in form of the A-126-2. A frequency shifter is an audio processing unit that shifts each frequency of the incoming audio signal by the same frequency.

The successor still has 8HP, but with the smaller knobs and new layout it offers more features and control options. You have now two controls of the shifting freqencies, one coarse, and another fine. You can swap these with the internal jumpers. Mix gives you control of the up/down shift panning unit. Further, you have smaller black pontiomenters that have dedicated functions or acts as attenuators for the CV inputs.

  • FCV & FCV In: external voltage control of the shifting frequency
  • squelch controls the squelch function
  • level controls the audio input with an overload LED
  • Mix  CV/CV in: control voltage input with attenuator for the mixing unit for external voltage control of the up/down mixing

There is also internal quadrature oscillator with dedicated sine and cos outputs.

Superbooth 21 Doepfer A138f

Crossfader & Triggered Random Voltages

This year, too, Dieter Doepfer is expands its slim line module range. The A-138f is a dual 3-way crossfader that contains two identical crossfaders with three inputs and one output each. It is DC coupled and can be used for both audio and control voltage processing.

A-149-4 generates four triggered random voltages with meet the criteria by several controls. You can set the octave range covered by the random voltages, the grid (octaves, chords, scale, semitones…), minor/major chords or scales, and if the sixt/seventh is added.

The output follow the 1V/octave standard with exception of the Continous mode. In this mode, the voltages are totally random. You can trigger new random voltages via the dedicated 1-4 inputs.

More Slim Lines

The A-179-2 coverts different illumination intensities into corresponding analog voltages and a gate signal derived from the analog voltage. This is possible thanks to an internal light sensor located at the front panel. Alternatively, you can connect a remote senstor to the module via a standard patch cable. It’s the successor of the A-179 module.

The module A-182-4 is a new passive moduel that features two mechanical rotary switches with 4 positions each. A nice module for swtiching audio/control signals in a system without unplugging patch cables. It also works as a small 4×4 miniature switch matrix.

Superbooth 21 Doepfer A-100PBK


And last but not least, we have the most special new product from Dieter Doepfer. The A-100PBK will be a new case with a built-in keyboard. The base is the A-100PB case with 2x84HP module space and spiced up with a 37-keys keyboard and MIDI interface with 3.5 mm stereo jack sockets.

Keyboard with modules. Yes, we already know that from Waldorf KB-37. I like the idea because you can build standalone synthesizers out of module set. It’s a niche in the modular synthesizer but I like the idea lot.


  • A-126-2: Frequency Shifter (375€/390€ vintage edition) A-138f (70€) A-179-2 (80€), and A-182-4 (70€) are planed to be released at end of September
  • A-149-4: due to component shortage, the official release will be delayed (160€)

Doepfer plan to present these new products at Superbooth 21 and would be happy to welcome you at our booth (presumably B047 in the “Bungalow-Dorf”):

More information here: Doepfer 

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