A case for Make Noise desktop synths & sequencer to 3D print out

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Newell Acoustic Engineering has developed a case for Make Noise desktop synths & sequencer that you can 3D print yourself.

Make Noise is a well-known Eurorack module company from the US. They make deep modules but they are so well thought out that they can also be used for live performances. Tony Rolando’s company has also caused a stir in the desktop synth area with its small, experimental synthesizers 0-Coast or crazy O-CTRL. Both best-stellers.

They both got a new addition in January of this year in the form of Strega. A new desktop Synthesizer in the 0-Coast format made in collaboration with Make Noise long-term user Alessandro Cortini. Again very experimental and unique. A suitable case for the Make Noise synths has been missing so far. But good news, you can now print it yourself.

Make Noise Strega Case

Make Noise Desktop Case

Newell Acoustic Engineering has built a case that can hold up to three Make Noise desktop units. The case looks very elegant to me. Especially because the two upper units are angeled which makes it easier to see the panels.

It was built for Alessandro Cortini but has now also been made open-source under Creative Commons (4.0 International License), so you can also build it yourself. A lovely project, thanks for making it open to the community.

Start the 3D printer and off you go.

More information here: Prusaprinters

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  1. Is the case included? Or do we HAVE to print one ( think carefully it’s a deal breaker) I have wanted this combination of make noise stuff in a custom case for a very long time but it never materialized preventing a fifteen hundred dollar sale . ?

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