Hainbach explores Italy’s rarest synthesizers in the Marche region

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Hainbach visited the Museo Del Synth Marchigiano in the Marche region, a place packed with Italy’s rarest synthesizers and drum machines.

Roland, Moog, Korg, Yamaha, Oberheim… all brands that come to mind when you think about synthesizers. The same applies to their instrument releases. Either seen in a video, read about them in on/offline, or already played with one or the other. They coined the name Synthesizer like no other.

In addition to the big ones, there is a scene of many small manufacturers. Not only today but also in the past. Synthesizers that are less well-known but no less exciting. Often only known by the hardcore synth fans. Hainbach recently visited a private museum in the Marche region in Italy, which houses Italy’s rarest synthesizers, drum machines… He captured his tour in a fascinating video with instrument details and compact sound demos. A must-see.

Video Details

The Marche Region in Italy was home to a thriving industry of music instrument production from the 1950s to the mid-90s. Tens of thousands of people made organs, accordions and small runs of synthesizers that were like nothing else in the world. Much production closed in the 90s, leaving only a few companies around, and many people lost their jobs. The history of Marche synths was not talked about, too bitter were the memories. The Museo Del Synth Marchigiano aims to change that – a motley crew of synth lovers work together to get the story about this special time in music instrument history out.

I was invited to play a show at Acusmatic Festival in Ancona and visit the collection before. I was overwhelmed by the amazing sounds these machines made, so I captured them on tape and for use in my performance. I also just had to film every synth I could get my hand for you to enjoy. You will find instruments by Siel, Elka, Elgan, Farfisa, Crumar, CRB and more here.

More information here: Museo Del Synth Marchigiano 

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