BeepStreet Sunrizer Update Brings AUv3 Support: One Of The Best iOS Synths Gets Even Better!

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BeepStreet’s latest update for Sunrizer Synhesizer brings AUv3 support and makes it compatible with the future of iOS music production.

Is it possible to make one of the best iOS Synthesizers even better? Yes! BeepStreet has recently released a Sunrizer Synthesizer update that includes AUv3 support. With this major update, musicians can use Sunrizer finally with all the advantages of the AUv3 format (multiple instances, parameter automation & more). Now there is no reason to say no to Sunrizer!


  • True SuperSaw sound emulation, first found in the legendary Roland JP-8000 synthesizer. SuperSaw is a layered waveform consisting of multiple saw waves which are detuned to create an extremely full and epic sound.
  • Two filters per voice with configurable routing. 15 filter types available, including less common like Comb, Formant or Frequency shifter.
  • The Morph Group function lets you continuously morph of up to 30 parameters in a sound (including effects), using only the modulation wheel.
  • Full support for CoreMidi, MIDI mapping, Virtual Midi Ports and background audio.
  • Multi mode lets you multiply oscillators to get unbelievably fat and full sound.
  • Support for microtuning – load scl and tun files. Create fascinating microtonal music which uses intervals not found in the Western system of 12 equal intervals to the octave.
  •  Over 380 presets, 7 additional banks available for FREE in web library (more coming soon)
  • Hold button allows you to to keep notes sustaining until you play new notes
  • With Chord Memory function you can play the chord by only pressing single keys
  • Phrase sequencer
  • Compatible with AudioBus, Inter-App Audio, MIDI
  • Supports AUv3
  • Adjustable polyphony: 6-20 voices
  • Playback modes: poly, solo, arp
  • Built-in recorder supporting AudioCopy, DropBox and iTunes file sharing.

Sound Test Room Demo

Sunrizer by BeepStreet is now available for $9.99 USD.

Available here: Sunrizer 

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