Dreadbox Psychosis, new end-of-chain stereo mixer module with built-in FX

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Dreadbox Psychosis is a new stereo mixer with a flexible configuration (3-ch stereo or 6-ch mono) and built-in FX in just 10HP. 

A mixer is part of every good modular household. Not the one you use to make your daily smoothies. I mean the audio mixer modules. In the beginning, the mixers were mostly mono in Eurorack. With the increasing number of stereo modules, many stereo and so-called performance mixers came onto the market.

Dreadbox has recently released an exciting new one with an interesting feature set. This was already presented during the Telepathy poly modular synth release but was lost in the news. Psychosis, the name of it is now also available to purchase individually.

Dreadbox Psychosis

Dreadbox Psychosis

Psychosis is a new stereo mixer (10HP) with three stereo channels (3 left, 3 right) or six mono channels. There is no way to tweak individual channels. It has a slightly different concept for a mixer. It would be better if the source still had the opportunity to be adjusted via the sound-generating module itself, a VCA, or another module.

The highlight of the Psychosis is the built-in effects section. It hosts a stereo spread effects controllable via a slider. Move from stereo to mono to inverted stereo with the push of a slider. Alternatively, you can modulate it with the built-in LFO for panning effects.

Then, it also features stereo effects that can be infused on the signals. It includes reverb, delay, and a soft and a hard chorus. They are fully controllable via the dedicated amount and control sliders. One or all four effects at the same? There is no information about this, but I’m trying to find out. 

And with the master slider, you can adjust the final amount that goes out. 

First Impression

Psychosis is a very special stereo mixer. Since there is no option to tweak individual signals individually, I see the module more as an end-of-chain than a classic stereo mixer. But it’s nice to see that there are mixers with internal effects. I still miss that with many performance mixers

Dreadbox Psychosis is available now for $199/169€.

More information here: Dreadbox

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