Dreadbox Teases New Synth In Front Of The Temple Of Poseidon, Hades Comeback?

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Dreadbox teases a new Synthesizer in front of the historic Temple of Poseidon, it may be the comeback of  Hades, the Greek god of analog synths

The Greeks were quiet during this year’s Superbooth 20 Home Edition, no product announcement or release but now the gear seems to be moving. They published a picture of a new device (Synthesizer or effect unit) on Facebook/Instagram today. The picture was taken in front of the Temple of Poseidon at Tainaron.

What could that be? Mmh difficult to say but for some time now it has been said that the Hades monophonic Synthesizer will make its comeback at some point. As a reminder: Hades was a desktop analog synth with 1 VCO with 2 suboctaves, a 3-pole 18dB/oct resonating lowpass filter, and OTA based distortion circuit and VCA. Hades has an extremely punch in the sound and could make super nice big but also brutal bass sounds.

Dreadbox Temple Of Poseidon

This assumption could possibly be correct because the Greek god Hades has something to do with the Temple Of Poseidon. In antiquity, the cave was thought to be the entrance to Hades. It would make sense but pure speculation. Also striking for me is the relatively small interface with only a few knobs, which was already the case with the first Hades Synthesizer.

The interface has now become colored and it offers some sliders on the right side.  This could be a combination of envelope and LFO, as is the case with the other desktop synthesizers (Erebus 3, NYX2) but also from the Ataxia Eurorack module.

All just speculation but it would be nice to see a Dreadbox Hades comeback, even under a new name. It was a great sounding analog monophonic synth that was unfortunately underestimated. And I like to remember Hades, especially the demos I made.

Dreadbox Hades Demo

More information here: Dreadbox 

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  1. I think it will be something different, but it could be a Hades remake. I noted that there are 9 knobs and 5 slides in the pic. The Hades in your vid has 13 knobs plus some switches that I don’t see in the pic.

    Lovely filters that Dreadbox gear always seems to have… Your vid shows that off.

    Personally I am hoping for an Abyss v2 sometime in the near future to go along with my beautiful Erebus v3…

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