SampleScience Cassette Roads, Free Plugin With Electric Piano Recorded On Cassette

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SampleScience brings a multi-sampled electric piano on cassette into a free virtual instrument plugin named Cassette Roads for PC & Mac

They have sampled an electric piano and put it on the cassette to get a warm, vintage-inspired sound. In total, it features 65,8 MB of sample content mapped into an easy-to-use plugin interface. The recorded piano can be played in three voice modes. In polyphonic, monophonic, or even legato. So there is something for everyone

It’s not just a simple sampled instrument, nope, the developer also added a handful of sound parameters with which you can manipulate the sound content and design your own presets: a highpass/lowpass filter, room reverb, amplitude range control via a built-in ADSR envelope. On top, it has a multi-LFO onboard with different targets with which you can add a bit of movement to the sounds.

SampleScience Cassette Roads

The plugin is great for creating lo-fi beats to study to, or even vaporwave lullabies.

Don’t forget to check the other free plugins from SampleScience including Synthetic Vortices (loops from Ensoniq Fizmo), Analog Waveforms, Resonance, Toy Keyboard…

SampleScience Cassette Roads is available for free as a VST/VST3/AU plugin for Windows and macOS. Donations are appreciated.

More information: SampleScience

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