Audiorealism ABL3.3.0, TB-303 emulation now with 3 engines, M1 support & more

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AudioRealism ABL3.3.0, a major update for its TB-303 emulation with three switchable engines, new distortion/drive, Apple M1 support, and more. 

There were times before the Roland Cloud and the official TB-303 plugin emulation. ABL3 from the Swedish company Audiorealism, for example, offered a very good and authentic emulation of the Roland TB-303 as a plugin long before the Cloud. I still like to use it today, mainly because it goes deeper into the engine as the original soft recreation. For example, you can set the character of the oscillator, filter…

Today the developers released ABL3.3.0, a free update with many new features, which extends the whole customization level even more

Audiorealism ABL3 3.3.0

Audiorealism ABL3.3.0

The biggest highlight of the new ABL3.3.0 is the ability to choose from three different audio engines. You can switch on the fly between the old ABL2, ABL3, and a new engine with a click. So you have three TB-303 emulations in one plugin. Like the ABL2 engine, the distortion and overdrive are also making a comeback in the new update. With these, you can create beautiful aggressive, characterful patterns.

The new 3.3.0 update also adds defects switchable in the new audio engine 3. More precisely, you can add broken accents, and/or slide to your 303 patterns. For everyone who likes patterns a little crazier. Then, you get shuffle with MPC timing modes and a new classic 303-style programming mode with shift+ click for note on, tie, and rest. Bass and Treble control can be found on the setup page.

With the introduction of the Behringer TD-3, the sound of the TB-303 became very popular again. Audiorealism has noticed this too and added support for the TD-3. You can now import TD-3 patterns in ABL-3 and continue your jams in the DAW. A neat new feature.

Plus, the ABL3.3.0 version supports native Apple M1 support and Intel.

A nice update with a lot of new features. I’m excited to see the differences between the three engines.

AudioRealism ABL 3.3.0 is a free update for existing ABL3 customers. The plugin is available now for 95€.

More information here: AudioRealism 

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