AudioRealism Raises The Bar On Its TB-303 Emulation With The Bass Line 3.2 Update

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AudioRealism Bass Line 3.2 update includes several new features & improvements which emulates the Roland TB-303 even better.

If you look for plugins that emulate the iconic Roland TB-303, then you will soon end up with the AudioRealism Bass Line 3 Synthesizer. Recently, this plugin got competition from Roland, the original manufacturer of the vintage hardware device. Although there is now a second very good emulation, AudioRealism has not stopped the development of other Bass Line 3 and today released the 3.2 update with many new features and improvements.

The new AudioRealism Bass Line 3.2 Synthesizer includes major improvements for the sound engine, additional sound manipulation options (VCO mode, de-clicking in the audio engine, …), expanded MIDI functionalities and more.

AudioRealism Bass Line 3.2

New In Bass Line 3.2

  • Extended MIDI Learn: Mapping Classic view functions to standard MIDI keys. This allows for programming patterns directly from your MIDI controller.
  • Mapping of MIDI CC to Advanced Random functions, including pattern length.
  • Automation/MIDI CC control of Gate Trim and other parameters.
  • Change VCO Mode to give variations, mostly affecting pulse width center point in tuning. 2 is the “normal” mode tuned to our 303. Some 303s sound like 1, others sound more like mode 3.
  • Added Bass Boost control to Setup Page.
  • Added VCF Trim control to Setup Page.
  • Added Improve Emulation setting on Setup page. This allows to switch between the ABL3.1.1 and ABL3.2.0 engine for comparison. Bass Boost and VCF Trim settings has no effect in when Improve Emulation is off.
  • Changed: Reso Trim knob boosts Resonance slightly more in 3.2.0.
  • Changes to Accent circuit model, adding more energy to the accent build up [303 engine].
  • Pattern View: Added paging to quickly flip between 16 steps by clicking left or right of the scrollbar.
  • Pattern View: expanded scrollbar hit area by a few pixels.
  • In Classic Edit mode Added shift (or right mouse button click) DOWN, UP, ACCENT to replicate the Time mode functions of the 303.. .
  • Import TB-03 Pattern menu option now allows to import .pat files from ABL1,ABL2 and ABL3. These do not affect the synth settings (cutoff, reso etc).
  • Additional de-clicking in audio engine.

AudioRealism ABL3 is available now for $95 USD /95€ and is compatible with VST/AU plugin formats. Update 3.2 is free of charge for existing users.

More information here: AudioRealism

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