E-Phonic Invader 2, New Analog-Modeling Poly Synth Plugin For 5€

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E-Phonic Invader 2 is a new beginner-friendly analog-modeling polyphonic Synthesizer plugin for macOS and Windows for just 5€.

From virtual analog, FM, wavetable … there are countless Synthesizer plugins. Keeping track of the number of virtual instruments is almost impossible. New ones are added almost every day.

One type of soft synth is at the top when it comes to numbers. These are the virtual analog ones. Even if we think the analog modeling market is well saturated, there is still enough space for new ones. With Invader 2, we welcome yet another one.

E-Phonic Invader

E-Phonic Invader 2

E-Phonic, the developers of Invader 2 are not complete newcomers. Among other things, they released the Drumatic 4 drum Synthesizer some time ago. With their new release, they show a very classic instrument. Invader 2 is an analog-modeling 8 voice polyphonic Synthesizer (up to 48 voices in polyphonic stereo unison) with a hands-on, one-knob-per-function interface. The feature set of the 4x oversample engine is very classic (bread and butter).

It features two multi-wave oscillators (tri, saw, pw, sync), a sub-oscillator, and a stereo noise generator. The sound sources can be easily mixed together in a mixer which also includes additional ring modulation. Then, it hosts a lowpass resonant filter with two types. Either, you can apply a clean or a more raw-sounding filter to your signal. Plus, you have a built-in filter drive for more character and an adjustable highpass option.

Two LFOs with a delay function and two ADSR envelopes (filter/amp) bring movement into the entire signal chain. A third envelope would have been a nice addon here too. To refine the sounds, you get a classic delay effect with a good range of modes including normal, ping-pong, tape, and diffusion modes.


Lastly, you get an arpeggiator and a 16-step sequencer. I think it’s a very simple sequencer without a super dose of creative features. To have fun with the synth right out of the box, it ships with 200+ presets. Not to forget, you can activate a medium or high-quality mode.

Sound Demo

Invader 2 is yet another VA synth. The feature set will surely not surprise anyone in 2021. But the sound demos sound very solid. For the asking price of € 5 +, it’s a good deal, especially who search for a good-sounding analog-modeling synth.

E-Phonic Invader 2 is available now for an introductory price of 5€+ (pay what you want) and it runs as a VST3 and AU plugin in macOS and Windows. A demo version for extensive testing is available on the developer page.

More information here: E-Phonic 

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