Synthesizer Shops In France, A Video Overview (SynthFest France 2021)

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At the virtual SynthFest France 2021, three passionate operators of Synthesizer shops presented their showrooms and shop concepts. Three shops from three different cities in France took part. One from Rennes, one from Dijon, the city of excellent mustard, and the latter from the city of love, Paris.

All three videos are in French but they show a lovely insight into the small businesses of these people. Such cozy shops still have something special for me that large online shops like Thomann can never offer. You can immerse yourself in a world, try out instruments, exchange with musicians who share the same love, and get advice from people who live the same passion.

Synthesizer Shops France

Synthesizer Shops France

Important is that they are part of our community. They often do not only give space to synthesizers from big brands in the shop but also support small companies with their developments. And this without shopping algorithms, no Google cookies… Yes, the big ones have everything in stock but we should support small shops around the world as well.

Music Shop Rennes

Play It
12 Quai Duguay Trouin
35000 Rennes

More information here: Play It (Rennes)

Music Shop Dijon

La Clé du Sol
31, rue Bossuet
21000 Dijon

More information here: La Clé du Sol (Dijon)

Modularsquare (Music Shop Paris)

47 rue Sedaine
75011 Paris

More information here: Modularsquare (Paris) 

SynthFest France 2021

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