RD-8 MkII, Behringer’s TR-808 drum machine replica gets a hardware update

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With the RD-8 MkII, Behringer shows a revised version of their best-selling, affordable TR-808 replica with an upgraded VCA chip (BA662). 

Behringer recently teased a new product for June 28th with a teaser video that I reported on. There was speculation about a new drum machine, sampler or even the Eurorack sequencer.

Today is the day and it turns out completely different than expected. Behringer shows the RD-8 Mk2 less than two years after the release of the RD-8. The highlight of the new Mk2 version is a replica of the well-known BA662 VCA chip that promises better sound.

Behringer RD-8 MkII

Behringer RD-8 MkII

The Behringer RD-8 Mk2 remains essentially an RD-8 Mk1, i.e. a clone of the legendary TR-808. It comes with the same 16 drum sounds (bass drum, snare drum, low tom, mid tom, hi tom….) advanced 64-step sequencer with probability, flam, repeater, parameter automation (filter,…) wave designer, and dual-mode filter.

However, the RD-8 Mk2 is an improved version according to Behringer. It now includes a recreated version of the 40-year old Roland BA662 chip that improves the sound authenticity and quality. The replica was made by Cool Audio, the sister company of Behringer. They say it brings improved phase and noise response.

Plus, they use carefully selected components the matched the recreated circuitry. The latter was already the topic of the special versions of the 2600 Synthesizer. There was no better or significantly improved sound quality here.

Almost nothing has been changed on the case. The Mk2 can only be recognized by the first four black buttons. These are white in the Mk1.

Further developments or improvements on existing products are always welcomed. But whether it has to be in such a short time. The first RD-8 has been on the market less than 2 years and already we see the MkII.

Some Mk1 owners on social media feel like unsolicited beta testers for that matter. If I had bought it recently, I wouldn’t be happy either. A good update, one that you would have wished for in the Mk1. New customers will be happy that for sure. This new version will replace the still current RD-8 and there it is to be expected that the price of the RD-8 Mk1 will drop.

Behringer RD-8 MkII is available soon for 349€.

More information here: Behringer 

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  1. It’s only marketing. ? The mk 1 has had very good reviews because of the authentic sound. The new chip is probably cheaper for Behringer to make. You won’t hear the difference.

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