MFB-501 Pro, Classic Analog Drum Machine Revived & Expanded With Sample Slots

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MFB revives its classic MFB-501 analog drum machine/module as a Pro version and extends it with 8 user sample slots, parameter locks and more

MFB has today announced a re-issue of the MFB-501 analog drum machine from 1980 called MFB-501 Pro but expanded and modernized. Optically, the device is not an eye-catcher but more a rock-solid designed instrument that sounds nice and can do a lot. It offers eight analog drum sounds which can be edited with the help of 4 parameters each. For example, the bass drum offers tune, decay, attack, and volume control, the snare on the other side, tune, decay, noise, and volume.

The device is not a 1:1 reissue but a 2020 version with more functions. New are eight sample slots that we know from the MFB-KULT, a drum sound player from the past. The internal ROM of the MFB-501 Pro offers a selection of 128 samples from several drum classic but also a sample import function via USB. Here, you can import samples with a length of up to 1.5 seconds each. That should be enough in the drum sound area.

MFB-501 Pro

The unit has a built-in sequencer that allows you to program patterns with up to 16 steps and A/B parts can be combined to entire sounds. Cool is here that you record in sound parameter changes in the sequence for each step thanks to a parameter lock function. This makes the drum machine very flexible. Further, the sequencer offers a shuffle mode with five intensities and can also be synchronized to an external analog or MIDI-clock.

Not a fan of the internal sequencer? No problem. The MFB-501 Pro can also be used as a sound module, where its instruments can be dynamically triggered via MIDI. An Arturia Beatstep Pro and this compact unit could be a great combo. The sound parameters can be controlled using MIDI control change commands.

On the connection side, it comes with stereo output, a separate adjustable headphone output, and sync-input. There are no individual outs but its understandable if you check the price of it. Power is supplied from the included USB-power adapter. Updates can be carried out from a computer using the USB-connection.

MFB-501 Pro will be available soon for an MSRP of 195€.

More information here: MFB 

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