Nusofting Sinmad Synthesizer combines VA & physical modeling in a novel way

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Nusofting Sinmad continues the free Sinnah Synthesizer plugin concept with a novel approach to VA / physical modeling synthesis sound generation.

There are Synthesizer plugins for classic sounds but also for the more specialized ones. If you look at the experimental releases you can often see that developers are trying out new ideas here. They attract fewer people because they often sound unusual, even bizarre. However, they enrich the virtual synth area in many ways.

Luigi from Nusofting is one of those developers who like it a bit differently. Sinnah, for example, is a free, experimental Synthesizer plugin with a very unique sound. With Sinmad now comes a Sinnah version on steroids, with more features and sound-shaping possibilities.

Nusofting Sinmad

Nusofting Sinmad

The developer does not disclose much information on the website. A look at the manual brings light into the dark. Luigi developed the synth according to his idea of how he prefers to design sounds. All parameters are on one interface, hands-on, and without sub-menus.

The Sinmad core has 8 voices and uses multiple oscillator types including standard waveforms with waveshaping (harmonics), FM, sub-oscillator, noise, and a one-shot sample player. The latter has a unique feature named HIAT (harmonically integrated attack transient). Then you get a main subtractive filter (VCF), an HP pre-filter, and a bit-crusher.

The key and unique feature of Sinmad Synthesizer is the polyphonic delay network that features three delay lines per voice and up to nine comb filters feeding into each other and modulated. This means each voice can have its own delay network that opens up a lot of sound design potential. It’s a technique with which you can achieve physical modeling like sounds. On the modulation side, you have three envelopes (2x ADSR, 1 AR) and two LFOs.


Plus, you have a custom EQ to shape the timbres before the effects sections, and multi-effects sections including saturator, double delay, and reverb with two flavors. Pretty handy, it’s an option to set the micro tuning (per octave) straight on the GUI. This function is often hidden in a submenu and is therefore often overlooked. There are also two GUIs. One is a simple one perfect for fast tweaking, and a complete with the whole portfolio of parameters.


At first glance, Sinmad looks like another utterly unique Synthesizer development from Luigi. A longer test has to show how flexible it is, but the features make you want more.

Nusofting Sinmad is available now for 81,50€ and runs as a VST2 and AU on macOS and Windows.

More information here: Nusofting 

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