Silen Audio Infinite Flow, new analog modeling synth plugin for retro and modern sounds

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Silen Audio has released Infinite Flow, a new analog modeling Synthesizer plugin for classic and modern Synthesizer sounds.

When is much too much? The question can be asked when it comes to analog modeling Synthesizer plugins. Even if you think the market is saturated, new Synthesizer plugins come onto the market every year. They promise to be even better than what is currently available.

The new company, Silen Audio, doesn’t hold back regarding promises either. With Infinite Flow, they unveiled a new analog modeling Synthesizer plugin with a big promise: “It’s a groundbreaking Synthesizer that offers infinite possibilities in music creation, expression, and sound exploration.” Challenge accepted! 

Silen Audio Infinite Flow

Silen Audio Infinite Flow

Infinite Flow is a new analog modeling Synthesizer for recreating vintage and modern sounds. They say: “This synthesizer redefines sound by blending the timeless depth and warmth of classic synthesizers with the dynamic pulse and grit of contemporary sound.”

If you open the plugin, you will see an interface with a vintage/retro wave feel like it was made in the 80s. 

The core of Infinite Flow is very classic and follows a subtractive design. It has eight voices with up-to-even oscillators and per-voice detuning. On a macro page, you can modify all seven oscillators with various parameters: wave select, shape, number of osc, detune spread, and more.

Then, it goes into two multimode filters with additional overdrive. It offers 4-pole lowpass, 2-/4-pole bandpass, 2-/4-pole highpass, KR LP/HP, diode lowpass, and KR mix. From here, it goes into a multi-FX section with saturation, filter, chorus, flutter, delay, and reverb. Each has a good range of parameters, making them flexible to use.

There is also a modulation with per-voice modulation, giving you three ADSR envelopes with various shapes and three multi-wave LFOs. All this is controllable via a built-in modulation matrix.

Silen Audio Infinite Flow

Modeled Synthesizers

According to Silen Audio, Infinite Flow authentically recreates the charming imperfections of vintage polyphonic synthesizers with a modern take. Moreover, “they carefully captured the imperfect sound of 12 vintage analog polysynths”.  

An exciting feature is the slop functionality. Here, you can select which model you use (modeled synth) and dial in the right amount of “slop.” With a click, you reach the slop editor that allows you to create your own models.

First Impression

In the first demos, Infinite Flow sounds very good, and full of character—an excellent analog-style sound. For me, however, it’s not groundbreaking like it’s marketed. Mainly because too many analog modeling synths on the market are on the same level or even higher. Like U-he Diva, Synapse Audio The Legend/Obsession, and others.

To be groundbreaking, an analog modeling synth has to do more these days. Yes, it’s an exciting synth but not a plugin that makes everything look old. In addition, the asking price for a classic synth is a bit high. 

Silen Audio Infinite Flow is available now for $179 or as a rent-to-own subscription for $9,99/month for 18 months. It runs as a VST3, and AU plugin on macOS (Intel + native Apple Silicon) and Windows. 

More information here: Silen Audio

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