ARTURIA’s RackBrute Eurorack Cases Are Not Only Affordable But Also Smart To Use

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Shortly before the NAMM 2018, the “Januarturia” month is already finished. Today, the company has presented today the last two new products for this year’s NAMM. These are the RackBrutes, two new Eurorack cases in the 3U and 6U format. Although the market is already saturated with cases, ARTURIA has managed to implement some good points here.

The Price

In the highly competitive Eurorack market, the Grenoble based company has already proven that you can offer beautiful designed cases with enough power and attractively priced. With prices of 259€ and 359€, the cases are very modern and functional designed. Especially at this price, they will be able to attract many new people to the Eurorack world, as this includes everything you need before buying your first modules.

3U & 6U

It’s a smart move to from the developer to offer the case in two sizes at the beginning. 3U 88HP version and a larger 6U with 176HP version. Here the developer have it the nerve of the beginners perfect. Not too big and no too small. Perfect to start the Eurorack adventure.

In addition, the Case uses a very strong and efficient power supply which allows you to connect all common modules. Only analog, digital or a good mix, the power supply does this without any problems.

Arturia Link – Connect Your MiniBrute 2 & 2S To Your RackBrutes

One of the interesting things about the new RackBrutes is not only the price or the design but also the new ARTURIA Link mechanism. This allows users to easily connect the new MiniBrute 2 & 2S to the RackBrutes. With this new developed mechanism you can not only join the cases but also fold them up and transport them. A very exciting concept that is a new approach in the field of Synthesizers.

First Look At The RackBrute 3U 

Check out here my first look video at the RackBrute 3U including my first steps with a new case.

The new ARTURIA RackBrute will be available in end of Februrary for a price of 259€ (3U) and 359€ (6U).

More information here: ARTURIA 

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