Dreadbox Typhon Now Available In A Spooky Black/Copper Limited Edition

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Dreadbox Typhon is now available in a limited spooky black/copper edition with extra sounds exclusive from Synthesizer.gr and the standard version is back too

With the Typhon, Dreadbox has landed a big coup. Especially when you consider that the market for analog mono synths is very saturated. They did something very clever with which they could set themselves apart from the competition (Behringer, Korg …).

They have built a kind of hybrid mono synth that consists of classic Dreadbox analog parts (2 oscillators, filters …) but also brought the effects specialists Sinevibes on board, who created high-end effects for it. In addition, sounds can be sequenced and saved right in the box. Everything you would expect from a modern analog mono synth and that for very affordable € 349. Now the Typhon is available in a fancy limited version, only available from Greece.

Dreadbox Typhon Limited Edition

Dreadbox Typhon Limited Edition

The Dreadbox Typhon is a small, compact analog Synthesizer with patch storage and fully packed with deep features. 2 analog oscillators, 4-pole lowpass filter, 2 envelope generators, and three modulators with 4 selectable types (LFO, EG, random or parameter step sequencer). There are also 12 high-resolution, great-sounding effects from Sinevibes to refine your sounds and a 32-step sequencer for notes and sources.

The spooky version of the Typhon has the same feature set but is packaged in a slightly different case. Where the regular Typhon with its yellow/blue on gray housing already looks pretty, the limited version comes with a new black/copper look. This was created in collaboration with Dimitris Pavlidis, the person behind the shop Synthesizer.gr and the band Selofan. Plus, it ships with an exclusive sound bank D with 64 new gloomy sounds crafted by Dimitris.

Ongoing Support

And the development is far from finished. Since the official release in June 2020, the developer continuously added new features and improved the unit. For example, they added new effects from Sinevibes including granular pitch shifter/cloud reverb, a soft reverb, and a barber pole phase shifter. With firmware 3.0 they added 27 more modulation targets, MIDI CC implementation for the sustain, pedal, preset volume, modulators, fx types… as well as a handy preset preview functionality.

Even a year after the release, both parties continue where they left off, offering great free updates.

Dreadbox initially released the Typhon limited edition in April however, it sells out quickly. Now it is available again in a new batch or 374,99€. If you get along with the normal blue/yellow version without the extra patches, there is news that it is also available again for 348€. So a Typhon for every taste.

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