Shakmat Modular Harlequin’s Context Quad Mod Source & Dual Dagger Dual Stereo Filter Out Now

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Shakmat Modular Harlequin’s Context, a unique quad modulation source with a theatre-inspired concept and Dual Dagger stereo filter are available now. 

The Superbooth 2020 took place last May. Since the world situation was anything but positive, it took place for the first time as a Home Edition. I reported about it in video and in writing. The Belgian developer Shakmat Modular presented some new modules that are now available from your local Eurorack dealer.

One is a quad modulation module that functions as a theater piece and another is an analog stereo filter, one of the big themes of the last Superbooth.

Shakmat Modular Harlequins Context

Shakmat Modular Harlequin’s Context

Harlequin’s Context is a new versatile 4-channel multi-functional module (12HP) where each channel acts in 16 scenes. There are 15 different modulation algorithms available ranging from offsets, LFOs, random generators, envelopes, or serial processors. Unlike in classic multi-modules, you set the functions not per channel but per scene, which means you can have up to 16 modulators in one channel. It’s like arranging a theatre piece of modulation sources.

Very unique is the ability to switch between different scenes either manually, with CV, or sequenceable with a clock signal. This allows you to build very interesting modulation scenarios. Then, you have 14 different sets that define the way the module reacts to the CV and gate inputs that the whole thing mixes up again. It also hosts a morphing mode allowing to morph between different modulation types. Thanks to non-volatile memory, you can also save your 16 scenes in up to 16 memory slots.

A very interesting take of a multi-function module

Shakmat Modular Dual Dagger

Dual Dagger (6HP) was introduced for the Superbooth 2020 Home Edition last year. Now the module is ready to move into your Eurorack case. It’s an analog stereo filter module with separate low and highpass filters with assignable resonance control. The filters can be adjusted and modulated separately from each other. With the link function, you can transform the dual filter into a 48dB/octave band-pass filter with control over the frequency, bandwidth, and band edges resonances.

According to the developer, the module delivers the exact same sound in both channels thanks to a careful calibration. There is also a pan functionality that makes it easy to break up the cutoff frequencies of each side. With this, you can achieve unique stereo treatments on your signals that are far sonically richer than classic filtering.

On the connection side, you have two inputs/outputs for stereo operation as well as CV inputs over the lowpass/ highpass frequency, resonance, and panning. At second glance, a nice, compact stereo filter that takes up little space in your rack .

Shakmat Modular Harlequin’s Context is available now for 295€ and Dual Dagger for 245€.

More information here: Shakmat Modular

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