Behringer EU news, major price drops on Wasp Deluxe, Cat, K-2 and more

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The Behringer price drops have also arrived in the EU: Wasp Deluxe, Cat, K-2, and System bundles are now significantly cheaper.

Behringer synths are very affordable compared to other analog synths. However, they were not spared by the lack of components and inflation resulting in price increases. Last week, Behringer announced that it was cutting the prices of its synthesizers by up to 60% thanks to better manufacturing conditions. So actually, back to the initial prices.

Many have noticed that the prices have only been massively reduced in the USA but not in Europe. It’s worth taking a look at the prices today. Thomann, for example, has adapted them and is offering a wide range of B synths significantly cheaper than a few days ago. I’ve picked out some significant price drops for you.

Behringer EU prices

Behringer EU Prices

Behringer has announced that it will reduce prices by up to 60%. I wasn’t sure if all dealers would accept this. Thomann also seems to follow this news and has adjusted many prices downwards. Some of them are cheaper than ever.

The first to catch your eye is the Wasp Deluxe, the clone of the well-known British hybrid synth. Looking at a year, the highest price was 244€, the last 214, and now has dropped to 155€ (36% OFF). This is the best price so far at Thomann. Amazon had it a year ago for a crazy 130€ but only for an hour or so.

Then the K-2, the Korg MS-20 clone/replica for the Eurorack, also fell significantly. Over the year, it was constantly offered for €300+, with €319 being the highest price. Now it has dropped to €229 (28% OFF).

The CAT has also become cheaper. Looking at 2022-2023, the best price was 249€ last April. Then it shot up to 329€ and is currently available at €239 (27% OFF). 

Behringer EU prices

More Adjustments

Many were surprised by the massive price adjustments for the SYSTEM bundles, Behringer’s Eurorack takes on the Moog Modular. For example, Sweetwater has the System-15 in the USA for an unbeatable $799. Europe has now followed suit, not as cheap but much more attractive than before.

The System-15 is now down to 999€ from 1250€ (20% OFF), the System-35 to 1190€ from 2111€ (43% OFF), and the System-55 to 1790€ from 3319€ (46% OFF). As mentioned in the other article, the Behringer Eurorack GO has dropped to the best price of 249€ instead of 329€. The starting price in Europe was 279€. Other prices changes:

  • Poly D: 666€ instead of 735€
  • MonoPoly: 508€ instead of 649€
  • 2600: 485€ instead of 569€
  • Gray Meanie (2600): 508€ instead of 599€ (begin of 2023 than dropped to 549€)

There are also many price adjustments for the Eurorack modules. To write them all down would be too much now. But here are two examples: Behringer 130 Dual VCA is now 78€ instead of 109€ (January), and the 305 EQ/Mixer/Output now 85€ (before 109€).

In conclusion, I can say: yes, the prices are now falling in Europe too. Slowly but they fall. I haven’t seen a 60% price drop. Even if the prices are tempting now, don’t buy because it’s cheap; buy what you really need.

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