Behringer CM1A, Affordable MIDI-to-CV interface for Eurorack

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Behringer CM1A is a 2-channel interface module with which you can send MIDI data to the modular system via the computer or keyboard.

In recent years, Behringer has made many friends with their vintage instrument replicas at bargain prices. Every now and then, they also come up with their own developments like the Neutron that we would like to see more of.

With the CM1A, Uli Behringer and his team show a new MIDI-to-CV interface/converter that has been newly developed. Yes, not a clone and yes, a MIDI-to-CV module is not a groundbreaking innovation. They have been around very often. Since they now have so many modules in their constantly growing portfolio, it is a logical step to offer such a module.

Behringer CM1A

Behringer CM1A

The CM1A is a high-resolution 16-bit MIDI to CV converter module in the same style as their Moog Modular clones. It allows you to control any modular synth in your setup with a classic MIDI keyboard, sequencer, or DAW. The module uses a 16-bit Texas Instruments DAC to ensure the highest resolution sound quality and pitch accuracy says, Behringer.

The module features a USB input to connect the module to a computer or even on an iPad. Two classic 5-pin MIDI sockets (in/thru) can be used with MIDI equipment like sequencers, synthesizers, and more. With the thru socket, you can also chain several modules together. It is not confirmed whether one can then work with polyphony.

There are 2 CVs and 2 trigger outputs. So you can send out two signals at the same time. There is also the option of outputting the signals as V/oct but also S-trigger, which is helpful for the Moog module clones that still use this standard. On the back, you have also a switch to select either monophonic mode or duophonic mode depending on how you want to use those 2-channels.

Plus, using the Behringer SynthTool software app, you can adjust the MIDI channels, note ranges, and install firmware updates.

At first glance a nice, compact MIDI to CV interface that Behringer will bring to the market soon. The two channels with USB and proper MIDI are handy. For many, however, the CM1A is too simple because many advanced functions like clock, CV modulation, or glide are missing.  Maybe we will see in the future a CM1A Pro with more channels, more MIDI functionalities…

Behringer CM1A will be available soon for $99 USD.

More information here: Behringer

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