Behringer Crave, Super Affordable Semi-Modular Analog Synth Is Available Now

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Crave, Behringer ‘s 149€ answer to the Moog Mother 32 semi-modular analog Synthesizer and is available now

Update: Behringer Crave is available now from Thomann. It costs 10 € more than on, etc., but you get it immediately.

They did it again. The German retailer Thomann has ordered the first batch of the new Behringer Crave Synthesizer and has decided once again to airfreight them. Today, they announced that the Crave is now available for pre-order. If you want it the fastest in your studio, you have to order it at Thomann. According to Musicstore Germany, they will receive the first units in December.

Behringer Crave is a super affordable semi-modular analog Synthesizer (not a clone) with a 3340 oscillator (Prophet 5) with PWM and a classic Moog 24dB ladder filter. Single outputs for the oscillator waveforms as well as FM can be found in the patch matrix. Further, it includes an ADS envelope, LFO, arpeggiator, 32-step sequencer with 64 onboard storage slots and a large patch bay (18×14).

Behringer Crave

The integrated sequencer can also be used as a sequencer for external devices using MIDI out. Although the Crave is not a clone of a well-known synthesizer but a new development, the structure is very reminiscent of the Moog Mother 32 in my opinion.

For the known price of 149 €, the Crave is probably the cheapest entry-level synth drug in the semi-modular analog world.

First Look


  • Analog synthesizer with legendary Prophet 5* VCO design allows for insanely fat music creation
  • Pure analog signal path based on authentic VCO, VCF and VCA designs
  • Super-rich oscillator with pulse and sawtooth wave outputs for ultimate sounds
  • Classic Moog* 24 dB ladder filter with resonance for legendary sound performance
  • Switchable low/high pass filter mode for enhanced sound creation
  • Modern and easy-to-use 32-step sequencer with 64 onboard storage slots
  • Advanced Arpeggiator with wide patterns for great sound effects
  • Dedicated and fully analog triangle/square wave LFO
  • 16-voice Poly Chain allows combining multiple synthesizers for up to 16 voice polyphony
  • Semi-modular design with default routings requires no patching for immediate performance
  • 18 x 14 I/O matrix for incredibly vast and flexible patching options
  • Noise generator dramatically expands waveform generation
  • 47 controls give you direct and real-time access to all important parameters
  • External audio input for processing external sound sources
  • Comprehensive MIDI implementation with MIDI channel and Voice Priority selection
  • 3-Year Warranty Program*
  • Designed and engineered in the U.K.

Behringer Crave is available now for 159 €.  The quantities are limited for the first batch.

More information here: Behringer

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  1. Neutron was the Mother-32 rip-off. At least he had it painted red – it obviously threw you off.

    Crave is just an Uno with a few patch points and cheaper hardware. Where do you get the idea this is at all parallel to the Moog? It’s not remotely like that.

    He shows some respect to IK and Moog – for his crimes against Roland, Sequential, and Korg/ARP, he just helps himself to their copyrights and trademarks as well as the circuits.

    All these companies are eventually going to wise up and to band together against this creep. For each company, the idea of taking to court a litigious madman with deep pockets no doubt seems daunting. There are many ways, however, to skin a jackass.

    • Nope the Neutron is a complete different synth than the Mother 32 because it has 2x 3340 VCOs, 1 mofat filter, 2 ADSRs, 1 Delay and a different patchbay. And no sequencer. The Crave has one oscillator like the Mother32, a ladder filter (Moog), a sequencer, one LFO & ADS envelope and a patch bay. For me the Crave is not a clone of the Mother 32 but has a very similar feature layout. But not the Neutron. Cheers

  2. Behringer’s Crave is an original semi-modular analog synth for $199. They lied about the price. Turns out US Dollar price is $249.99 at all online stores I have checked. I’m not interested at that price.

    • that’s not Behringer’s fault but one guy with a red cap called President who adds on every China import a lot of taxes plus other fees maybe for distributors etc. Import it from Thomann to USA, they ship to US and you pay the lower price 😉

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