ANA 2 Ultra Bundle, Slate Digital Gives Its Synthesizer New Sounds & New Colorful Skins

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Slate Digital has given its multi-oscillator Synthesizer plugin ANA 2 an Ultra Bundle update with over 400 new sounds, wavetables, samples, and 6 colorful skins.

Flagship synthesizer plugins are usually packed full of features. UVI Falcon 2, Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2, Vengeance Sound VPS Avenger, and others. They are true synthesis sound design workstations. Sonic Academy also has a flagship synthesizer called ANA 2. A synthesizer that was initially a little less known and for many an insider tip. With the integration into the Slate Digital All Access Pass, the plugin gained notoriety in the producer scene.

Personally, I’m using ANA 2 for a very long time. It’s a rich-sounding instrument with a competitive feature set and lots of great sounds. Everyone who has a subscription on Slate Digital can now enjoy more ANA 2 fun. The platform has released the ANA 2 Ultra Bundle with bonus content that you don’t get in the regular pay version.

Ana 2 Ultra Bundle

ANA 2 Synthesizer

ANA 2 features three engines: virtual analog synthesis with classic waveforms, wavetable synthesis, and sample playback. All three types can be used at the same time and mixed together. Plus, you can bend the waveforms/wavetables with a morphing function, FM, cross, and more. The sample player offers adjustable loop points, panning, and more. Then, it has a juicy-sounding dual filter with 46 different filter types including classic ones but also unique types such as formant filtering.

On the modulation side, you get three classic envelopes (filter, amp, mod) as well as three loopable graphical envelopes that give you the option to draw your own shapes. There are also three versatile LFOs that round up the mod system. They can be operated to the last detail in the built-in modulation matrix with 32-slots. Further, it hosts a multi-effects processor, EQ, and more.

There is also a very sophisticated arpeggiator with which you can play complete phrases and map them to certain keys. That means you also split your keyboard into different phrase sections. Also, you get a handy chord generator that helps you find the best chords. Definitely not a synthesizer with a basic feature set.

ANA 2 Ultra Upgrade

Slate Digital All Access subscribers now get a nice extra Ultra upgrade for the ANA 2 Synth. It comes with a big preset upgrade (400+ new sounds & 6 sound banks), tons of new wavetables, and samples. On top, you get six new skins with which you can give ANA 2 a new look. With the Eurorack skin, Slate Digital brings the Eurorack module charm into their synth. They also promise free sounds throughout the entire year

ANA 2 is not a new Synthesizer plugin (release 2017. So far it was more of an insider tip, with the SD input it became much better known. The Ultra Bundle is a nice addition for ANA 2 that puts nicely the focus again on the synth.

ANA 2 Ultra Bundle is available now as part of the Slate Digital All Access Part starting at $9,99 USD per month later $14,99 USD or $149 USD yearly.

More information here: Slate Digital 

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