AAS Transmutation, New 101-Preset Sound Pack For Chromaphone 3 & Player

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AAS Transmutation is a new patch library for Chromaphone 3 with 101 new patches and you can save 50% OFF on the plugin & all sound packs for a limited time.

In October last year, AAS presented Chromaphone 3, a further development of their brilliant percussive Synthesizer plugin. A highlight of this update is the new bi-timbral engine with which you can now layer two sounds. Double Chromaphone fun is guaranteed.

With Transmutation, AAS presents a new sound library with exciting new patches that benefit from this engine. To celebrate the release, the Canadian developers are also offering 50% OFF on Chromaphone 3, update, and all sound packs for a limited time.

AAS Transmutation

AAS Transmutation

Transmutation is a new preset library for Chromaphone 3, a powerful physical modeling percussive Synthesizer. The library features 101 new presets crafted by the Canadian sound designer Michel Basque. According to the AAS Basque approaches sound as instruments by themselves with great attention to detail, playability, and balance.

The result is very real instruments, with a fresh creative twist, bizarre synthetic sounds but also patches with a perfect balance of both. One of Chromaphone’s great strengths is to combine real-sounding and unreal, bizarre instruments. In Chromaphone 3 this is even easier thanks to the new bi-timbral engine. The library ships with a wide range of sounds. From crystalline mallets and bells, futuristic neo-classical keys, exotic & up to hybrid acoustic strings.

At first glance a unique sound library that shows what is sonically possible with Chromaphone 3. An excellent collection that gives you patches that travels on the border of reality and surreality.

AAS Transmutation is available now for an introductory price of $19 USD (regular $39 USD). Chromaphone 3 and all sound packs are now 50% OFF for a limited time.

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