Waldorf Iridium Synthesizer, A Deep Dive With Developer Rolf Wöhrmann

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New video gives you a deep dive into the powerful synth engine of the Waldorf Iridium, the compact all-digital brother of the Quantum Synthesizer

If you are looking for an all-in-one digital Synthesizer that can do a lot of synthesis plus sampling, the latest Waldorf release, the Iridium, is hard to get past. From wavetable, virtual analog, granular sampling, FM, and more.

The Iridium is not cheap but offers a lot of possibilities that you otherwise only have on a computer in your DAW. Waldorf today published a new video in which the chief developer Rolf Wöhrmann gives a deep look into the might synth engine of the Iridium. The video is also aimed at Quantum users / interested musicians because the engine is almost identical.

Waldorf Iridium

Waldorf Iridium

The Iridium, Waldorf’s latest hardware instrument is a digital Synthesizer that uses Quantum’s powerful and super versatile synth engine but in a compact form. However, Iridium is not a 100% Quantum port. It is a separate product with a slightly different feature set. It offers 16 voices instead of 8, no analog filters but newly developed digital models, a new 4×4 pad matrix, and CV connectivity.

Both of them have the same massive engine consisting of many synthesis options (wavetable, virtual analog, sampling & granular, resonator & Kernels), modulations, etc. It is not one of the synthesizers that you will learn in an hour. Like its big brother the Quantum, the Iridium is deep, very deep. The latest video is a perfect introduction to both synths.

Waldorf Iridium Deep Dive

Waldorf CTO and Developer Rolf Wöhrmann takes you on an exciting journey deep into the inner workings of our Iridium synthesizer. Discover things that no one has ever seen before!

Let me know what do you think about the Iridium.

It looks like the chip crisis has also reached the Synthesizer world. 7-9 weeks waiting time for the next batch of the Waldorf Iridium

Waldorf Iridium is available now for 2199€.

More information here: Waldorf 

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  1. My Blofeld desktop fails so many times on the hardware and software side that I will never trust Waldorf again! Pass….

    • The Iridium/Quantum synthesizers are made by a completely different team. The chief developer is Rolf Wöhrmann who created the amazing Nave app for iOS. The Blofeld team no longer works for Waldorf and yes, it always was and is a bug paradise 😉

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