Waldorf Largo 2 now with a dark mode, updated NKS, and back on sale for 67,78€ with this trick

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Waldorf Largo 2 is the continuation of the popular Synthesizer plugin carrying the Blofeld DNA now with new filters, UI, and more.

At the end of last year, the Waldorf Largo Synthesizer received a surprising upgrade to Largo 2. There were some bugs and problems reported by users when it was released. I also had some issues with version 1.0.

An update at the end of 2023 already fixed bugs and introduced a new black GUI aka dark mode. It’s late news, but it’s better now than never.

Waldorf Largo 2 1.0.1

Waldorf Largo 2: Update 1.0.1

Update 1.0.1 for the Largo 2 Synthesizer plugin is out now. Highlight is a new alternative black/red GUI option called dark mode with higher contrast. You can activate/deactivate via the “File” menu point. It looks better, but it is still not perfect. 

Besides this, it offers better plugin UI resizing and improves the file and program browser. Yes, it was a bit messy in version 1.0. In the AU version in Logic Pro with Apple Silicon, the local library, where presets are saved, is now visible in the file browser. 

Waldorf also added tags and sound previews for the 128 NKS “Factory Default” bank presets. The NKS preset files are also now based on VST3 as NI is abandoning future VST support in their Komplete Kontrol/Maschine DAWs. Plus, they also fixed many bugs.

And Waldorf Largo 1 is again on sale at Audio Plugin Deals for the next 11 days (until 15 February) for $29,99. You get the Largo 2 for +/- 67,78€ by purchasing the Waldorf upgrade. You can also buy Largo 1 now and wait until the next Waldorf 50% sale is happening. So you can get it even cheaper.

The latest Largo 2 update is available in the MyWaldorf section


Article From November 24, 2023

For Black Friday 2023, you can get Largo 1 again for $29,99 at Audio Plugin Deals. With this license, you can buy the Largo 2 update for 39,99€.

Add the code BlackWeeks2023 on the Waldorf website for a 40% OFF discount, giving you Largo 1 and Largo 2 for +/- 51€ instead of the regular price of 162€ or BF price of 97,20.


Article From October 27, 2023

The history of the Waldorf brand used to be like a roller coaster ride. There were ups and downs with innovative products but also sad company restructuring. But those times are over. In 2006 Waldorf Music GmbH was founded with many products that are still in the portfolio today.

An early product was the Largo, Waldorf’s first Synthesizer plugin, released in 2009. This plugin is often referred to as a virtual Blofeld for the DAW. It’s however not an emulation of it, but bears the Blofeld’s DNA. Today, Waldorf takes its classic synth plugin forward with the new Largo 2. 

Waldorf Largo 2

What’s New In Waldorf Largo 2?

Largo 2 is not an entirely new synth plugin. Under the hood, it is still the popular 4-part multi-timbral Largo Synthesizer with its distinct sound but in new modern clothes.

You immediately recognize this when you open the new version for the first time, the clothes. Waldorf Music has updated the UI and now offers continuous scalability.

Whether using a 5K monitor or a laptop FHD screen, whether viewing in full size or as a small status display, the plugin remains in focus. 

Largo 2 also has a new, fresh look. Bye-bye, the gray-in-gray symphony. We welcome a mix of white, red, and dark gray. It’s more pleasing to look at but not perfect. For example, the little details (filter types, drive curves…) are still super fiddly to use, even on bigger screens.

The classic Largo engine was left the same: 4-part multi-timbral, three virtual analog/wavetable oscillators, two Waldorf multimode filters with drive, ultra-fast envelopes, effects…

Except for the filters. Waldorf Music has added a variety of three formant filter types that mimic the frequency response of the human vocal tract.

Waldorf Largo 2

By using the cutoff knob, you can morph between the vowels a-e-i-o-u. This allows you to create unique vocal-like filtering. Sounds like a good addition to the classic Largo timbre.

And good news for all third-party sound designers. The sound sets you made many years ago are fully compatible with Largo 2. Plus, Largo 2 is NKS compatible.

Of course, the new Largo 2 offers native 64-bit support for macOS Apple Silicon systems. 

Largo 2 Deal Tip

If the €99 intro is too much for you, I found a better deal where you can save almost 50% again. Audio Plugin Deals currently offers the predecessor Largo 1 for $29,99.

During their Halloween Sale (until November 1st), you can get another 20% OFF the price with the code TREAT20. So for $24,99.

Put in the registration code in your Waldorf account, and with this, you then acquire the upgrade to version 2 for 29,99€, so you get Largo 2 for around 52€. 

First Impression

An update that doesn’t trigger a wow moment, but one that is solid and good to see. I’m happy to see that Largo is now being continued as Largo 2. It’s a shame that you have to spend extra money on it, but in return, you get new filters, improved UI, and support for the future.

I can understand developers charging money for updates. Especially for plugins that have probably been on the market for 10 years+. Not to forget, Largo 1 is native Apple Silicon compatible. So there were updates for it. In case you are new to Largo 2, check my deal tip, and you get it for a pretty great price. 


Waldorf Largo 2 is available now for an introductory price of 99€ incl. VAT (reg. 162€). Existing Largo 1 users can upgrade for 29,99€ incl. VAT (reg. 39,99€). This offer is valid until the end of November 2023. Follow my steps, and you can also get Largo 2 for +/- 52,74€.

More information here: Waldorf 

Waldorf Largo 1 Deal is available at my partner


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  1. Interesting… with PPG 3.v on sale at Waldorf I’m wondering if they’re about to drop an updated PPG 3 plugin, that would be nice – honestly, just a re-scalable UI would be nice.

  2. This soooooo cool after all these years!
    Thank you so much Waldorf!
    Now please do the same with the attack…please…please…please…and iOS versions…we will be happy to buy them all!

  3. It would gave been ever greater if it could load blofeld banks reading your title Ithought for a moment that it was the case

  4. Too bad it’s currently buggy as hell:

    + UI scaling snaps back when loading a bank
    + Crashes in file browser activities
    + DAW state is not saved, meaning none of your loaded patches will remain saved with your project

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