Vult Intros Wolv Waveshaper For Eurorack (Analog) & VCV Rack

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Vult Wolv is a versatile triangle-based waveshaper module based on the Ian Fritz circuit, in analog for Eurorack & digital for VCV Rack.

VCV Rack is probably the easiest way to make friends with the Eurorack world. Download and let’s have fun. Behind this success is not only Andrew Belt but also a huge developer community that offers their modules for free or as a purchase. Most of the time these are very affordable and you support the developers with every purchase. And it’s definitely cheaper than buying all of that in Eurorack modules.

Since we’re already talking about Eurorack. Not only musicians use the amazing VCV Rack platform to get to know Eurorack but also developers. Leonardo Laguna Ruiz aka Vult, for example, now offers some of its virtual modules as hardware. A new one is now available for pre-order and this will be only available in limited quantities.

Vult Wolv

Vult Wolv

Wolv is a new waveshaper module that takes inspiration from the waveshaper circuit from Ian Fritz. It uses a triangle wave and produces on the output a waveform that continuously evolves from a triangle to an antisymmetric pulse waveshape. It has controls for fold-mix, pulse amp, offset, and width. Each of the four parameters can be controlled with CV.  The offset and the width control have an additional potentiometer with which you can adjust the amount of modulation

There will be versions. On the one hand in fully analog as a Eurorack module (hardware) that will be 10HP wide (prototype currently has 12HP). On the side a version for VCV Rack in the form of a digital emulation. If you want the hardware version, you have to be fast, it will only be available in a single batch says Vult.

An interesting waveshaper module with a circuit that you see less often in the Eurorack world. If you want it as hardware, be quick.

Vult Wolv is available now for pre-order for 155€ + shipping and estimated shipping in July 2021. The pre-orders will last 2-3 weeks so be quick.  a virtual version for VCV Rack is coming soon.

More information here: Vult

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