Devious Machines Infiltrator, Swiss Army Knife Plugin For Sequencing Effects

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Devious Machines Infiltrator, a true multi-effects workstation with 28 effects algorithms, loadable in 10 slots each with independent modulation and sequencing options. 

Effects are now part of the musician’s standard arsenal as instruments. Regardless of whether you play the guitar or a Synthesizer, effects play an equally important role. Although I’m a huge fan of hardware, I really love to use software effects, as a plugin on my computer or on the iPad. Maybe this is because they often offer more features and more simplicity than many effect pedals.

The latter, on the other hand, can often score with very own unique concepts that are rarely seen in software. One type that is almost never found in hardware are sequencable multi-effects processors such as the oldy but goldy Sugar Bytes Effectrix or DS-Audio Tantra. Devious Machines recently released a multi-fx that fits exactly into this category.

Devious Machines Infiltrator

Devious Machines Infiltrator

Infiltrator is a new powerful multi-effects processor. It is far more than just a classic multi-effects processor that we already have in countless numbers on the software market. Instead of just offering the user many algorithms to play, DM combines these with an equal number of deep modulators with which you can put the effects in motion. This significantly expands the already unlimited possibilities of this effect.

Away from static effects to super flexible sound design tools. Infiltrator offers ten effects slots arranged in a series, which you can fill each with one of 28 effects. It includes famous filter emulations (SH-101, MS-20…), comb and format filters, a frequency shifter, FM, ring modulator, phaser, and a pitch shifter. It also hosts a delay, looper, overdrive, and of course, reverbs. Those are the effects, now the modulators are added that make the whole thing even more flexible.

Modulation Paradise

Every slot features a curve editor with which you can draw basic or complex envelopes, rhythmic modulations, and more with various trigger options. The curve editors ship with presets but there is a handy randomizer onboard that creates new shapes for you. The effects can also react to the audio input signal what is very useful. And what the plugin does very well is that the modulations can be perfectly adapted to your tracks thanks to pitch shaping, swing settings, and Euclidean rhythms.

Fans of sequenced effects such as in DS-Audio Tantra, will also love this plugin. Infiltrator also features a 32-step sequencer that lets you trigger any combination of effects on any given step. Like on the first step filtering and overdrive, and on the second a delay/reverb combo With this you can give every sound new dignity and movement.

From very subtle, classic filtering up to crazy, glitching effect transformations. Plus it ships with four fully customizable macro controls, a master section with overdrives, compressors… as well as 750 presets from professional sound designers.

I love sequenceable multi-effects. Tantra by DS-Audio has been my favorite ever since it was on the market. Infiltrator could take this place because it has more effects, better modulators, and a more catchy modern GUI. A glitch processor would be a nice addition for a future update.

Devious Machines Infiltrator is available now for an introductory price of 80,25 instead of 116,29€. It runs as a 64-bit VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS and Windows computers.

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