Elektron Power Handle Adds Battery Operation To Your Model:Samples/Cycles

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Elektron Power Handle is a clever accessory that adds battery operation to your Model:Samples/Cycles & transform them in mobile devices

When Elektron presented the Model: Samples many missed the possibility to use the device with batteries. Same for the later released Model:Cycles.

But they have a solution. At the same time as the first release, the Swedes announced a more unique battery pack called Power Handle.

Elektron Power Handle

Elektron Power Handle

We haven’t heard of this accessory for a long time. But today, very surprisingly, Elektron announced the official release of the Power Handle. However, the concept is pretty clever.

On the one hand, it is a power bank with which you can add mobile power to the Model: Samples and Model: Cycles. So you loosen the power shackles of the two devices making it ready to use outside your studio. On public transport,at the airport, out in nature, in between studios…

On the other, you can also use it as a stand that raises the device to a comfortable height. So you have a better view of the interface.

Elektron Power Handle

In the box, you get the Power Handle, a stylish cable that connects the power socket on the Model to the Power Handle, and a screw.

Not included are batteries but you can use standard 4x AAs. I would even recommend rechargeable ones with which you have to buy new ones and they help the environment a bit.

It is a neat accessory that is almost a must-have for every Model owner. I think this will also boost sales of these devices a bit again because this makes them mobile.

Elektron Power Handle is available now for 49€/$49 USD.

More information here: Elektron

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    • Until the 4x AA Batteries part I was so happy and was considering buy one. And…
      Why not a rechargeable stuff?

    • Yes, how stupid of them for using this kind of lithium ion battery instead of… *checks notes* a different kind of lithium ion battery.

    • It’s much better that you can use your own AA batteries (rechargeable) than an inside battery. So if one of your AA dies is replaceable.

      Really smart move!

  1. AA is the most common battery type in the world. I’ve been using high capacity rechargeable AAs in boutiques, monotribes etc for years and it’s a small inconvenience to pay for portability. Inbuilt LiPo or NiMh batteries *will* run down (ROLI!) eventually, so it’s not a bad move imho regarding ‘sustainability’. Charging 20% of the device price for a bit of plastic and a metal tube is a bit steep though…
    Also, perhaps in the future they could bring out the vape battery version with a slightly wider metal tube for longer jams, or the equivalent for other shaped batteries.
    It’d still be overpriced though.

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