Moog Apps, Model D, Model 15, Animoog & Filtatron, Free For A Limited Time

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The stunning Moog apps are now free: infuse the full Moog Synthesizer app dose (Model D, Animoog, Model 15, Filtatron) (worth $80+)  into your iOS device for free.

Music-making apps have grown a lot on the iOS platform in recent years. Especially with the introduction of the AUv3 plugin format, you are no longer limited to one instance of the Synthesizer or effect processor on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. And then came the M1 Mac with which you can now also run iOS apps on macOS. Including the well-known synths, effects, etc.

The start was a bit mix, but slowly more and more apps are coming to macOS. And users of the iOS app can even download the macOS at no additional cost. Still not convinced of iOS? Ok, this event can change that.

Moog Apps free download

Moog is currently giving away all of its iOS apps for free on the App Store, with no hidden costs, no subscription, etc. Simple, free downloads from the store, and of you go the iOS party.  The entry into the mobile music making world on iOS has never been so good and cheap

Moog Apps

Moog’s own iOS apps are among the best synthesizers in the AppStore. On the one hand, they sound damn good, on the other hand, they offer user interfaces that are fun. Model 15 (reg. $32.99) is, as the name suggests, a very authentic emulation of the Moog Modular 15 Synthesizer. But expanded wth polyphony, MPE support and more. Plus, you get on top the macOS version (Intel & M1) for free.

Along with Synapse Audio The Legend …, the Model D app (reg $16,99) is one of the best-sounding Minimoog emulations on the market, no joke. A Minimoog on the go and for free if that’s not a no-brainer deal. Animoog ($21,99) is probably the most experimental music-making app and is a kind of vector wavetable Synthesizer. Often forgotten but also a highlight is the Animoog app for iPhone. It’s a separate app for iPhone that is optimized for your i smartphone. So double the Animoog fun

Even almost 10 years after it was first published, Animoog keeps flashing me. A unique design, the operation with touch plate is futuristic and the sound ranges from classic to super wild. Animoog is a true iOS synth highlight you should experience. Filtatron is a creative filter app based on the well-known Moog Ladder filter (reg. $5.49). Perfect to create interesting filter sweeps.

A must-have in my opinion and please benefit from this offer. This possibility won’t come back anytime soon

The Moog apps are free downloads now on the Apple Store. No information on how long the deal is available.

More information here: Moog Music

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    • the problem is that developing such high-quality apps (Moog) are super difficult on Android. The drivers are not perfect, audio latencies, etc. The biggest issue with Android devices is that every Android device has often a different operation system version plus different audio drivers. A Samsung phone has different audio drivers than a Xiaomi for example. Developers need to test as many devices as possible to guarantee that a music app works good and then still they didn’t cover 1000+ other Android devices on the market. Here is the iOS operation far easier. All the devices have the same CoreAudio/CoreMIDI drivers, even macOS devices have the same. So developing on these devices is far more straightforward for the developers.

      • Interesting. Tnx! Didn’t know that of Android. I’m only developing for desktop. Is that with the audio drivers something that is getting improved, or is it a design choice that makes it this way for ever and ever?

        • Google improved it a bit in the past years but it still lacks behind the CoreAudio/CoreMIDI drivers on iOS. But due of the fact that every Android phone manufacture use a modified audio driver, it’s super difficult to take them to the iOS level

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