A Modular Voyage With Rotterdam-Based Musician Megan Leber

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Megan Leber, a young electronic musician & YouTuber from Rotterdam who takes you into a deep ambient modular synth voyage

When the YouTube Channel Modular World had its 24h stream with over 100 acts last weekend, I got to know some previously unknown modular acts.  One of them is Megan Leber from Rotterdam. The young musician has only recently discovered the passion for modular synthesizers.

She regularly shows her first results in videos on her YouTube channel. The music goes in the ambient direction with a lot of soundscapes but alternating melodies and rhythm elements. Perfect for relaxed grooving.

She says: “Rotterdam-based music producer that drags you deep into a dark ocean of spacious soundscapes, profound baselines, and airy percussion sequences”.

In her live setup,  she has, among other things, a modular system (TipTop Mantis Case, Intellijel Atlantis,…), a Keystep 37, a Macbook with the pattern generator Cycles from Slate and Ash, an Akai APC40, and more. This is a neat compact setup with which a lot can already be achieved.


More information here: YouTube

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