Audio Damage Dubstation 2 & Cableguys DriveShaper FREE With Purchase At Plugin Boutique

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Every purchase on Plugin Boutique will be rewarded with a free plugin in May, choose either Audio Damage Dubstation 2 or Cableguys Driveshaper.

For some time now, Plugin Boutique has been offering free plugins every month with every purchase. The sections of these changes monthly and yes there are new ones in May.

Plugin Boutique has today announced its May Gift promotion, offering two new plugins for free with a purchase from its shop. You can choose between the Audio Damage Dubstation 2 delay plugin, worth $25 USD or the Cableguys DriveShaper regularly sold for 39€.

Audio Damage Dubstation 2 Cableguys DriveShaper

Audio Damage Dubstation 2 & Cableguys DriveShaper

Dubstation 2 is a delay plugin that fully emulates a vintage bucket-brigade delay processor plus an additional LFO and saturation controls. It includes a new dual-mode for separate control over the left and right delay times and ping-pong makes it a Swiss Army knife for delay effects.

You can also drive the plugin into experimental fields thanks to two interesting modes. The loop mode causes Dubstation 2 to endlessly play the audio currently in its delay line without alteration. Additional filtering and saturation effects can be applied to the output signal. Further, the reverse mode makes D2 reverse the current contents of its delay memory and the direction in which its records. Nice, the interface is hands-on and doesn’t offer annoying submenus.

DriverShaper is a distortion plugin with 10 different distortion types aka shaping algorithms including analog-style soft/hard clipping, wave folding, soft/hard square for fizzy, and more. Unlike other distortion plugins, the plugin allows you to animate distortion over time with Cableguys’ famous LFO drawing system. A perfect plugin for magical distorted rhythms, pulsing analog warmth, and hard-edged patterns.

The Cheapeast Way

If it doesn’t matter which product you have to buy, there are some ways to get this plugin very cheaply. Here are some cheap plugins to benefit from this deal.

To benefit from this deal, you have to make a purchase at Plugin Boutique by May 31st. The price doesn’t matter. If you want both plugins (Audio Damage Dubstation 2 & Cable DriveShaper), you have to make two separate purchases.

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