OXI One, Poly Step Sequencer With A Pad Matrix Now On Indiegogo

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Oxi One combines a multi-track polyphonic step sequencer with smart randomization functions, programmable and playable via a hands-on pad matrix interface.

You think the new Korg SQ-64 standalone sequencer would be an exciting addition for your setup, the next one is already around the corner, more precisely from Spain.

OXI One is a new slim hardware matrix sequencer with 32 tracks and numerous creative functions. Visually it speaks a different language than the new Korg. On the left, a hands-on interface with a lot of function buttons, on the right an 8×16 RGB pad matrix. Everything packed in a neat aluminum body. Somewhat reminds me of the Polyend SEQ only smaller and more compact.

Update: Oxi One is now on Indiegogo



OXI One has 8 tracks with independent start & end steps and sequence length. Thanks to the versatile engine, it’s possible to unlock it up to 32 tracks. Each sequence has up to 64 steps, up to 8-voice polyphony, and a 1/32th to 1bar resolution per step. They are very customizable: selectable init & end steps (track/sequence), MIDI output channels (track/sequence), swing, and have its own playback direction.

A built-in arranger or song mode with multi clip-launching allows you to create entire compositions on the fly. It can be played in different modes: monophonic, polyphonic, chord mode, or multitrack where you have up to 8 independent tracks, one per row. It has a arrange/song mode and can store up to 15 projects with up to 16 patterns for all the sequencers in the internal memory.

A Sequencer Full With Randomization Power

Oxi One is not only powerful for hands-on sequences but also a power horse for randomizations with a musical result. It has numerous randomizers which are divided into two categories. On the one hand, the intelligent pattern randomizer with humanization, variation, density, and sale & root randomization controls. With these, you can roll and create instant new sequence variations that do not sound perfectly like form a machine, but with a more human touch.

On the other, you have on the go global sequence randomization. Here you can randomize on the fly the velocity, octaves, retriggers (ratchets), and add trigger probabilities. These functions make the Oxi One sequencer very flexible. Every sequence also has an LFO that can be freely assigned to a destination. The clock input, for example, can act here as an assignable modulator.


Hands-On & Performance-Oriented Features

The developers not only focused on the musical randomizers but also on functions that are essential for performances. Instant looping, preview steps, zoom in, copy/paste/clear for patterns, parts, sequences, steps, and presets… to name a few handy functions.

Keyboard Mode With Chords

It is not just a powerful sequencer but also a keyboard controller. 10 different modes are available in the keyboard mode including an arpeggiator, gate, rate, hold and chord triggering functions. Unlike others, it even offers real controllers for pitch bend, modulation, and velocity. Plus, you have plenty of available scales and user-selectable root notes to choose from. The CV outs also support portamento and vibrato. They can also act as VCA ready dynamic envelopes with different shapes.

Oxi One

Full Connectivity & Battery Powered

The backside houses numerous connections for hardware and software integration. Oxi One has 8 user assignable CV (-3V to 8V) & Gate outputs (5V), and 1 CV/clock input. These are perfect for controlling hardware modular synths. But that’s not all. With the USB-C connection and MIDI on mini-jacks, it can also be used with a computer or tablet. If you want more freedom, you can also operate with Bluetooth 5.1. MIDI is therefore routable from/to USB, TRS, Bluetooth, and CVs.  5 different 5 modes keep your tracks in sync as well as a dedicated clock I/O.

If you want maximum freedom, OO also operates in battery mode for up to 20 hours of wireless sequencing with Bluetooth MIDI. It’s great to see that developers are also thinking about mobile music-making. Ableton Link is not included, hopefully, the developer can add this to the engine.

Hard Facts

  • Compact format: 36 x 14 x 2 cm
  • Less than 2cm thick (without knobs)
  • 128×64 bright OLED display
  • 4 rotary encoders with push button
  • 8×16 RGB buttons matrix
  • Premium anodized aluminum case and knobs
  • Tempered glass screen cover
  • ARM Cortex M4 120Mhz for great timing performance

I like that the developer provides many menu steps as buttons on the interface. So you can work quickly and call up certain functions.

The new Korg SQ-64 faces tough competition. The OXI One looks very exciting at first look and could be a very creative tool for jams and live performances. Not because of its beautiful interface, but also the many randomization processes and functions such as Bluetooth MIDI 5.1 and battery power make it very interesting.

OXI One is available now for pre-order on IndieGoGo for 530€ (regular 699€). Shipping starts in November 2021.

More information here: Oxiinsruments

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  1. Looks like a competitor for Deluge! It has a better screen for sure. On the other hand it doesn’t seem to have a song mode like Deluge.

    • the Deluge is a different kind of product. Deluge is a groovebox with a sound engine, this is a pure MIDI/CV sequencer. It has a song /arranger mode 😉

  2. The Oxi crew are certainly good at generating hype. We’ll see if the product is as good as the talk…

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