Black Corporation ISE-NIN, 8-Voice Analog Synthesizer, Jupiter-8 Replicant?

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The ISE-NIN is an analog, in Black Corporation words, replicant of the legendary Roland Jupiter-8 poly Synthesizer as a desktop unit.

Analog has been the non-plus ultra among Synthesizer friends for years. This is mainly due to the fact that access to analog synthesizers has never been easier and cheaper. Arturia with his MiniBrute 1, Behringer with his numerous analog clones, Korg with the mono/minilogue… there are many for little money.

What is noticeable, however, is that most analog instruments are monophonic. There are fewer modern analog polyphonic synths, and if so, they are not cheap at all. But there are modern poly analog synths: Black Corporation from Japan has set the focus directly on these and has shown very solid, hand-crafted instruments in the recent past. Today they show the ISE-NIN for the first time, and it looks suspiciously like a Roland Jupiter-8.

Black Corporation ISE-NIN

Black Corporation ISE-NIN

Black Corporation, headed by Roman Filippov and Bob Rogue, has made a name for themselves for exciting polysynths in recent years. Although they are heavily based on vintage synths, the developers do not like to speak of clone or replica but of Synthesizer replicant (Blade Runner). This also applies to the new ISE-NIN.

The core is probably a Roland Jupiter-8 but modified so that it can do a lot more than a simple clone/replica. Like the original, it has two VCOs, the VCO modulator, VCA, two envelopes, and the iconic filter section. Then, there are elements that give the synth a different touch. It includes a different arpeggiator, a master section with portamento, splits, layers, a preset system, and more available via a little screen on the top right.

Features like full MPE and ODDSound MTS-ESP support lead the synth from the past into the modern age. The many small changes make it a replicant. So a synth that has the spirit but doesn’t want to be an accurate replica. The other Black Corporation synthesizer releases are also reminiscent of legendary synthesizers (CS-80 …) but sound refreshingly different in many points.

Black Corporation ISE-NIN

A very exciting release from BC. The device will certainly not be cheap. It will probably cost between 3000-4000€. I am very happy to see that someone dares to bring back the great Japanese legend. Not exactly but in modern form with future-proven features.

Black Corporation ISE-NIN pre-order will start next week on the official BC website. Price TBA

More information here: Black Corporation 

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  1. I hope they do a demo video. Black Corporation sometimes allows pre-orders and you don’t know what the synth sounds like. The Deckards Voice eurorack module was available for a couple month fore an sound files or videos were created,

  2. On one hand it’s great to see a modern version to an absolute classic -and I’m sure it’ll sound wonderful if the(eye watering) price is anything to go by. On the other hand, I know what I would rather spend that type of asking price on.. probably a number of choice instruments that would cover a lot more sound, polyphony, features and output than the ISE-NIN ever could, even at a lower price.

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