Black Corporation Revives Rachael As Eurorack Module & Unites Deckard With His Love

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Deckard’s big love Rachael is back in the form of a new multi-functional Eurorack module (ring modulator, VCO, ADSR or LFO) made by Black Corporation

Almost two weeks ago, the Japanese company Black Corporation introduced the Deckard’s Voice, a Eurorack voice module based on the Deckard’s Dream polyphonic analog Synthesizer. As you know, the name Deckard comes from the movie Blade Runner where Vangelis composed the soundtrack with the legendary Yamaha CS-80. If we already have the voice of Deckard, the second known character of the film must not be missing. Almost sounds like a retro-wave love story made with modules.

Rachael is a new multi-function Eurorack module which works with Deckard’s Voice but also well with other modules. First, it is an analog ring modulator with its own reference oscillator and envelope generator. Clever is here: it works also as an independent VCO, ADSR or LFO. This allows you to expand the functions and possibilities of Deckard’s Voice or any other modular system. Even with the Rachael module, the developers stay true to the gray Deckard’s Dream design

Black Corporation Rachael

Deckard’s Voice Pre-Order

With the announcement of the Rachael module, Black Corporation has also announced that the Deckard’s Voice module is now available for pre-order. They also published the entire feature list. According to the developer, Deckard’s Voice is an entry-level semi-modular synth for Eurorack systems.

Sharing the same paradigm and circuit as its bigger brother Deckard’s Dream, trimmed down for Eurorack and supplemented with the flexibility available only in a modular format.


  • VCO with pulse, glitch saw, and sine outputs
  • Dedicated LFO for PWM
  • Noise source
  • external audio input to a filter
  • Discrete highpass and lowpass filters with resonance and IL-AL-ADR envelope
  • LFO with sine, saw, ramp, square, smooth and stepped random output
  • output VCA with ADSR envelope and velocity control over volume
  • ADSR (0-10V) and LFO (-5V/+5V) outputs
  • master and line-level outputs
  • 32HP size
  • +12/-12V standard Eurorack power

Black Corporation Deckard’s Voice & Rachael will be available in November 2019. You can pre-order now Deckard’s Voice Synthesizer for $699 USD with a deposit of $199 USD. The remaining balance of $500 USD is to be paid when the product is ready for shipping. It includes free worldwide shipping. Price for Rachael module  TBA.

More information here: Black Corporation 

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