Sinevibes Eternal V2, Free Update With New GUI, Engine Level-Up & More

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Sinevibes Eternal v2, a free update f0r its versatile barber-pole flanger with a re-worked GUI, engine level-up, VST3 support & more.

If you want high-quality effect plug-ins with an innovative touch at a low price, you can’t get past Sinevibes. But only if you are a macOS user. Hopefully, they will arrive one day at Windows.

Another plugin from the Sinevibes catalog now has received a big makeover, more precisely the barber-pole flanger named Eternal.

Sinevibes Eternal 2.0

Sinevibes Eternal v2

Eternal v2 is a barber-pole flanger with a unique characteristic.  Unlike a traditional flanger which has its tone repeatedly go up and down, the barber-pole flanger goes upwards or downwards in a seemingly endless fashion. The idea is also known as infinite flagging and the sonic illusion is similar to the Shepard tone effect. Version 2.0 adds many new features and improves the plugin in my points.

Everything starts with a newly designed user interface with a size scaling up to 200%. Something that significantly improves the workflow. Then, it includes a new built-in preset manager as well as VST 3 plugin format that makes the plugin more future-proof. The flanger core has also received a major upgrade.

The developers have doubled the maximum flanger effect range from 3ms to 6 ms making it more versatile and flexible. At the same time, they increased the frequency and feedback control range. The latter now works between -100 and +100%. Other improvements are:

  • Support for any buffer size requested by the plugin host
  • Consistent name, mapping, value, and unit implemented for all parameters in both graphic user interface and host control/automation
  • More thorough state initialization when receiving the reset() call from the host
  • More natural parameter mapping on Frequency, Stereo, Output controls

Lastly, Sinevibes added a set of all-new presets to the plugin and reworked the old presets from Eternal v1.

A nice upgrade for the Eternal. I am always happy to see that developers continue to improve their existing plugins and then offer them as free updates. Thumbs up for that.

Sinevibes Eternal v2 is available now for $29 USD. Existing customers can get it for $23 USD. If you purchased Eternal in the past, the upgrade is free of charge.

More information here: Sinevibes

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