Behringer RD-9 (Roland TR-909 Clone) Is Now Shipping From The Factory

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The RD-9, the long-awaited, affordable Roland TR-909 clone from Behringer is finally shipping from the factory. It will be available in the music shops in the coming weeks.

When Behringer announced the RD-9 drum machine (Roland TR-909 clone), the anticipation was great. But this turned into a long, tough wait. Again and again, those interested were put off with a delayed-release. Once the firmware wasn’t ready, then there were delivery difficulties with components…

Today there is good news that the shipping process of the Behringer RD-9 has started to international retailers. But that doesn’t mean that you can buy the RD-9 in your local music shop in the next few days. The delivery from China will take another few weeks. But see it positive, the RD-9 is on the way, finally.


Behringer RD-9 Shipping Facebook Post

RD-9 is now finally shipping. We’re sorry that it has taken much longer than we had anticipated but Covid plus the current global supply chain challenges didn’t make it easier.
Compared to the earlier version, the RD-9 has been completely redesigned with many new features added. We’re very proud of the RD-9 and can’t wait to hear all your feedback.
We also like to thank the many wonderful beta testers who helped us with valuable feature suggestions and to ensure the product is now in perfect shape. Please be aware that it’ll take some time to fill the huge backorders we have on hand. Thank you for all your patience and support.


Behringer RD-9 availability & price TBA.

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