Black Corporation’s KIJIMI 8 Voice Analogue Synthesizer Will Be Announced At SUPERBOOTH 2018

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Back at NAMM 2018, Black Corporation, developers of the Deckards Dream teased a prototype of a new hardware Synthesizer. This was a replica of the unique RSF Polykobol II analog Synthesizer. Meanwhile, this new synth bears the name KIJIMI and will be presented at this year’s SUPERBOOTH 2018.

8 Voice Analog Synthesizer

What we actually know is that the KIJIMI will be a 8-voice analog Synthesizer that will feature two oscillators (CEM 3340) with waveshapers, two filters (SSM2240) and two LFO’s. Each LFO has also a very handy AD envelope to fade in/out the modulation. They added also a new sub-oscillator and two envelopes to the engine. It features also a small OLED display (like the Deckards Dream) to store hopefully patches or give feedback on the parameter values.

Modern Features

Same as the Deckards Dream, KIJIMI comes with modern features like polyphonic aftertouch and MPE support.

DIY & Prebuilt

Nice to see that the instrument comes in the same 19-inch format as the Deckards Dream on the market. It will be available as pre-built or DIY later in the year. Pre-orders starts begin of May during the Superbooth.

Looking forward to check out the KIJIMI on Superbooth 2018. Stay tuned!

More information here: Black Corporation 

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